"I'm hooked on this serum.": 16 women try No7, the UK's top selling skincare brand finally in Australia.

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There's no doubt when it comes to global cult-favourite beauty brands blowing up online, we're over here on this side of the pond, patiently waiting our turn to get them onto our faces immediately.     

Take the UK's top selling skincare brand, No7, as an example. We've been watching our beauty-loving neighbours in the UK with heart-shaped eyes, basking in Gwyneth Paltrow's favourite skincare brand. And basically, counting down until we can do the same!

Well friends, we've hit the beauty jackpot: the highly anticipated No7 has launched in Australia, and we couldn't have shopped it quick enough.

The much-loved brand with an 86-year history has been built on proven results and innovation. Head of Science Research for No7, Dr Mike Bell says, “What sets No7 apart is the level of scientific research and the proof that supports our products. 

"Specifically, our world-famous serums have gone through rigorous clinical and consumer testing to validate their age-defying performance with thousands of women involved in their testing, across 70 studies over the past 10 years.”

And for more good news? We can nab No7 exclusively from Priceline, and the range sits affordably within the $9.99 to $61.99 budget.


We needed our You Beauty Panel to be among the first to try it, so we sent them three of No7’s best-selling products to review. Do these cult skincare products actually live up to their global hype? An official investigation.

Here's exactly what they reported back.

No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum, $61.99.

"I really enjoyed using this product, it gets a big yes from me. I'm fairly confident you can see a difference in my before and after with the appearance of my forehead lines! The top picture is before, bottom is after and the pictures were taken 6 weeks apart." – Nicole, 44.

Nicole, 44. Image: Supplied.

"Loved the Line Correcting Booster Serum. My dry skin type loved this product. So easy to use and I could see results on my wrinkles in 2 weeks, particularly on my forehead lines." – Bernadette, 37.

"Love this product! I looked at the different ways they suggested using it, and I decided to mix it with my foundation for extra hydration. It worked wonderfully, my skin feels hydrated without additional oil. I didn’t necessarily see a reduction in fine lines but I did see an improvement in hydration. I will definitely buy again. I’ve missed No7 since leaving the UK, it’s wonderful to have access to it now." – Emma, 45.

Emma, 45. Image: Supplied.


"Seriously surprising! I generally spend a decent amount of money on skincare, especially serums and oils – and to actually see the results I did with this product was really exciting. I also have just had a baby, and do have a toddler running around, so the lack of sleep and fatigue has made my skin quite drab and showing signs of ageing. After a week or so of use I noticed a difference in my forehead, especially my 'elevens' in between my brows. They were smoother and more plumped. I’d definitely recommend it and the price point is an added bonus." – Victoria, 37.

Victoria, 37. Image, Supplied.


"I really loved this product, and found it gave me visible improvements in reducing my fine lines and wrinkles. I used it both morning and night for two weeks, which not only helped my fine lines but was also very hydrating, plumping and gentle on the skin." – Caitlin, 31.

"I am pleasantly surprised with this Line Correcting Booster Serum! With continued use morning and night there was a noticeable difference with the fine lines on my forehead. The product made my face look as if I was well hydrated with plumped skin and minimised lines. When I got lazy for a few days and forgot to apply the product, I could definitely see the difference in my fine lines, so I'm hooked on this serum!" – Claire, 34.

Claire, 34. Image: Supplied.

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum, $54.99. 

"The texture was beautiful, very bougie. It sat so nicely on the skin and didn't make my skin feel greasy or dry. Within a couple of days of using this serum my skin felt SO soft and plump. I could tell that it had done a great job of hydrating my skin. My skin really loved using this serum just with my normal moisturiser. Would definitely repurchase." – Zoe, 35.

Zoe, 35. Image: Supplied. 


"My skin type is combination, and I loved the texture of this serum! It reduced my fine lines and wrinkles – I would definitely purchase this product again. My skin has never felt so soft." – Sarah, 38.

"I really liked the texture of this serum, it made my face feel very smoothed and hydrated. I did see a reduction in lines, particularly around the mouth and lip area." – Vivien, 38.

"This product is GORGEOUS. It was very gentle and an easy, fuss-free step in my regime. The product was quite effective and I have started to see some differences in the tone and texture of my skin." – Kimberly, 33.

Kimberly, 33. Image: Supplied. 


"I am SO happy No7 is now available in Australia! This Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum is truly great – I have fair, oily skin, and application is lovely with no sticky residue (glides on!). My skin looks brighter and I feel like my fine lines are blurred (a miracle for me at 42!). My face feels a lot smoother. I will keep using this and hope to see more results from longer term use." – Aimee, 42.

"I absolutely loooovveeeee this product! The packaging is beautiful! The feel of the serum going on my skin was absolutely flawless and the result it gave my skin was breathtaking. It left my skin feeling smoother and plump. I noticed a difference in my skin after using it consistently and was very happy with the result of the product. Absolutely adore the product and would definitely repurchase." – Kilty, 30.

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream, $44.99.

"I really enjoyed using this product. It goes on light, not thick, and didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. It was ideal too for the dryer parts of my face (especially during colder, windy days), and was a terrific all-rounder. The real seller for me was the SPF inclusion but without the killer scent. Most face creams with SPF tend to have an overpowering smell, but this product was very mild. Would definitely recommend!" – Sarah, 30.

Sarah, 30. Image: Supplied. 


"The Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream is a wonderful product to start your day with. It's lightweight and not oily, so doesn't feel heavy under make-up. It's super hydrating and after about a week, I really noticed a difference in the dry parts of my skin, but didn't get oily-ness in the parts where my combination skin often feels oily. Overall I felt it made my skin look less fatigued, and it is a product I am continuing to add into my daily routine." – Peta, 33.

"I have a hard time finding a moisturiser that won't leave me looking oily by lunchtime. But this No7 cream: HALLELUJAH. This cream went on easily, smelled great and I noticed my fine lines around my eyes and mouth soften (and I can't wait to notice some more improvement over the next couple of weeks). I would absolutely recommend and will purchase a replacement when I'm done." – Ilana, 35.

Ilana, 35. Image: Supplied. "It was nourishing and hydrating without leaving my face looking like an oil slick: perfect for the warmer months. Love that this cream is light and absorbs easily, while playing well with layering other products underneath. Combined with a pleasant scent without being overbearing, it is a beautiful day cream and I would definitely buy again." – Alex, 32.

Try the No7 skincare range for yourself, and shop now from Priceline. Also, keep an eye out for the new arrival of their Vitamin C range in-store!

Feature Image: Priceline/Mamamia.

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Sold in Boots (UK) and Walgreens (USA), No7 is the number one skincare brand in the UK. The brand made its big debut on the skincare scene in 1935, launching with just 11 products to their name. Since then, they’ve built a reputation for delivering innovative skincare with proven scientific results and incredible product efficacy. Factoring in daily life and environmental aggressors, such as stress, pollution and sunlight, the brand offers ranges of scientific skincare that champion innovation and new technologies, including: Laboratories, Protect & Perfect, Lift & Luminate and Restore & Renew. Within each collection, targeted cleansers, serums, creams and masks work to fight signs of ageing, restore skin radiance and boost your natural glow.