Electoral candidate with no votes demands a recount - because he 'definitely voted for himself.'

We all do it. But we don’t tell anyone about it.

A candidate who received a total of zero votes in a recent UK local election has demanded a recount.

He knows he got at least one vote. He is absolutely, completely, one hundred percent certain.

Because he voted for himself.

Paul Dennis, a train conductor who ran as the member for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition in the Rainham North electorate in Kent, is also really pretty sure his wife and father voted for him.

“I was gutted to be honest,” Dennis told The Mirror about the result. “It was a bit humiliating, especially at work.”

Dennis went on to call the result “obviously wrong”.

no votes voted for himself
Dennis called the result “obviously wrong” – he knows he voted for himself.

A spokesman for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition also spoke up on Dennis’s behalf.

“We think it’s impossible for him to get zero votes. He lives in the [electorate], as do several members of his family.”

With 8464 votes cast in the electorate, it is unlikely Dennis received no votes other than his own.

Unlikely, but not impossible.

We offer our condolences to Paul, as well as one small piece of advice: next time, when you vote for yourself, don’t go telling everyone about it.

Just be cool, man. Be cool.

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