This mum won't let men babysit her children, including their grandfather.

Statistics have shown that most child victims of sexual abuse are molested by men known to them.

Mum-of-two Kasey Edwards knows this fact. And it’s driven her decision to not allow any men, other than their father, to babysit her two daughters.

“We decided it was just easier and safer for us to have this rule,” Edwards said in an interview that appeared on The Project on Tuesday night.

“I don’t want to think of anyone in my family or any friend and question whether or not they could be a potential sex offender. So if we just have a blanket rule, then we’re safe.”

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The Daily Life writer appeared on Channel Ten show after expressing her views in an explanatory opinion piece titled: ‘Why I won’t let any male babysit my children’.

Edwards told The Project hosts that she and her husband have no exceptions to the rule they introduced when their first daughter was born eight years ago.

Not even her father-in-law is allowed to care for his granddaughters without female company, however, male teachers were allowed as she had faith in the school’s systems.

Kasey Edwards has no exceptions to her rule. (Image via The Project.)

The author said she had no problem offending male friends and relatives in her quest to keep her children safe - avoiding "hurt feelings" was not worth the risk.

"I know how lovely, gorgeous men in public, that would never hurt a fly, can be monsters in private," she told the panel.


"And I'm not prepared to take that risk with my children."

Edwards added that most men she spoke to were supportive of her and her husband's decision.

"That's what I've found that a lot of the men that's I've spoken to are either not offended or they agree with me - they don't want their children in positions of risk too," she told Fifi Box.

Unlike Australian mum Antanika Holton, who imposes a similar "no sleepover" rule because she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, Edwards did not say she had a history of abuse.

She told the panel, "I do understand just how quickly a child can be stripped of their dignity".

Carrie Bickmore asked Kasey about school and daycare teachers. (Image via The Project.)

The Daily Life article and The Project segment prompted a mixed reaction from social media users.

"Does she leave her husband alone with the kids or is he too big a potential threat? Terrible example to set for her kids," one person wrote on The Project Facebook page.

A man commented: "Well I had to babysit my mates kids all Saturday... and for some crazy reason I didn't feel like I needed to abuse anyone that I crazy or is that normal?"

Meanwhile other, mainly female commenters, agreed with the mother's rule.

"Very sensible mother. You can't take chances. Men are not good baby sitters and the proof is on the TV constantly," wrote one woman.

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