Mia Freedman talks with Lisa Wilkinson about magazines, kids and her 'marriage' to Karl.

Mia Freedman sat down with Lisa Wilkinson. And they weren’t holding anything back.

Lisa Wilkinson is the co-host of the Today Show, a very experienced journalist and a much loved personality in Australian media.

So when she sat down with our very own Mia Freedman for Mia’s podcast, No Filter, we knew their conversation was going to be interesting.

Lisa Wilkinson, 53, became editor of Dolly magazine at 21. She then moved on to Cleo which is where she stayed for 10 years, before eventually starting at Today as co-host with Karl Stefanovic.

On her working relationship with Karl, she called it “the ideal marriage”.

“There’s all of the fun, all of the respect, all of the professional camaraderie, but none of the fighting about who took out the garbage.”

She said, while members of the Today team come and go, like Georgie Gardner and Ben Fordham, who have both left in the past year, her relationship with Karl is the focus. “We know each other so well now,” she said.

“We trust each other implicitly.”

And of course, Lisa talked about THAT moment she interviewed Prime Minister Tony Abbott and asked him what his biggest achievement as Minister for Women was.

You can listen to the full interview below.

Watch out for next week’s podcast, when Mia sits down with writer Rebecca Sparrow. You can download previous episodes of No Filter by clicking here. You can also follow the MWN Podcasts Network on Facebook by clicking here.


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