"Why I said no to having bridesmaids at my wedding."

Last month, one of my oldest friends got married – and I wasn’t a bridesmaid.

No, I wasn’t snubbed. My friend, who I’ve known since we were three, was one of the growing number of brides opting to forgo bridesmaids on their wedding day.

Those who choose not to have bridesmaids do it for many reasons, including not wanting to offend or exclude anyone, because they don’t want to force their loved ones to shell out for bridesmaid-related costs, or just to limit the stress and drama of wedding planning.

Alexis, left, and her fellow "non bridesmaids".

For my friend Amy Fox, it was for all those reasons.

"I chose not to have bridesmaids mostly because I wanted to avoid creating a hierarchy amongst my friends. I’m lucky enough to have quite a few women (and men) in my life who are lovely, warm, supportive friends, and the thought of selecting some over others to bear the bridesmaid title was making me feel a little sick. I’d prefer not to be the reason that one or more of these important people in my life felt excluded," she said.

"Also, being a bridesmaid can be expensive and an unwelcome responsibility, especially if you’re at a stage where there are engagement parties, weddings and baby showers every second weekend."

My friend Amy (centre) is in good company - Sofia Vergara and Whitney Port are also opting to have no bridesmaids at their weddings. Images via Getty.

On the big day, a group of us "non-bridesmaids" got ready with Amy and it was lovely - low key, low stress, and lovely.

But her decision not to have bridesmaids is hardly unique these days.

Claire Byrne, the editor of, went down the same path for the same reasons, while popular wedding sites including, and all have forums and articles dedicated to the trend.

Some women are saying no to having bridesmaids to avoid drama.

And lots of lo-fi celebrities, from Whitney Port to Sofia Vergara, are happily embracing the no-bridesmaids movement.

I have another good friend who is getting married in January and who is also going bridesmaids-free.

And as someone who is currently engaged? I've got to admit it makes a lot of sense.

Would you be happy to not have bridesmaids at your wedding?

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