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In February, two friends were found dead in the woods. The killer is still on the loose.

It’s been five months since Liberty German and Abigail Williams went missing and despite audio and video footage captured of their alleged killer, he remains at large.

For the girls’ families, not having answers has made a horrific time even more difficult, as Liberty’s grandmother Becky Patty Marchand told People magazine she was struggling to adjust to her “new normal”.

“Do we miss her? More every day, and as a matter of fact it has gotten harder as time has gone on. Because before we were in a fog but as time has gone on it’s hitting hard,” Becky Patty said.

Abigail Williams, 13 and Liberty German, 14, went missing on 13 February. (Source: Facebook.)

On February 13, family dropped off the teen girls at a hiking trail near their home in Delphi, Indiana, and had arranged to meet them at a pickup point a short time later. The girls never arrived.

Less than 24 hours after the pair were reported missing, their bodies were discovered on the side of a creek about 2km from the trail.

The case was dubbed 'the Snapchat murders' after it was reported Liberty posted a photo to Snapchat of Abigail walking alone on an abandoned bridge known as Monon High Bridge.

Just one day after their bodies were discovered, police released photos of the unidentified man who is the main suspect in their murder.

delphi suspect
Police say this man is a suspect in the girls' murder. (Image via Indiana State Police.)

Despite their heartbreak, Becky Patty said the family are determined to carry on, encouraged by Liberty's older sister Kelsi.

"It was Kelsi that said, ‘I would still like to do this and this,’ and it made us realise that because Libby is not here we can’t stop everybody’s else’s life," she told People.

"The other kids are in pain also, but we can’t stop living for them too."

She said their first attempt at a family holiday to Chicago was "absolutely miserable because she wasn’t there", but they are still planning to go on a Disney cruise knowing it is going to be "tough".

Photos taken by Liberty the day she went missing. Source: Snapchat

The families have also been channelling their grief into planning and building a community park named after the pair, referred to by their families as Abby and Libby.

"When we’re gone, people will go and remember them."

"We lost the kids; let’s give something to the kids."

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