Singer Niykee Heaton’s star was on the rise. Then she entered a room with Diddy and Kanye West.

Back in 2014, Niykee Heaton had the world at her feet with a hit song and record deal.

Finding fast fame after performing covers of hip-hop songs on YouTube that went viral, Niykee (real name Nicolet Aleta Heaton) had a breakout debut single 'Bad Intentions' with Migos, which charted in the top 100.

But the singer hasn't released any new music in several years, seemingly disappearing from the spotlight soon after she burst onto the scene. And now, she's ready to talk about one incident that turned her away from the industry.

An Instagram Live Heaton recorded of herself in June has been circulating online in recent days, in which she alleges she was sexually assaulted by Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Kanye West at the beginning of her career. 

The video has since been reposted on TikTok by West's ex-girlfriend, Julia Fox.

Heaton claims Ye reached out to her to invite her to a studio session to work on music. Niykee believes that the two rappers were "off their s**t" on alcohol and potentially drugs.

At first, there was other women in the studio, but eventually she left to go to bathroom and never returned. This left Heaton in a room with West, an "executive" who works with him, along with Ye's engineer and cousin, and Diddy.

The singer alleges that Kanye and Diddy then started pressuring Heaton to remove her clothes. 

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"They were like, 'c’mon! It’s just us, we're all just friends let's just see how you look,'" Heaton claimed. From there, she alleges the situation escalated and the rappers started to tear her clothes off as she was backed into the exit door.


"They get to the point where they've ripped my shirt off and I'm almost fully exposed at this point. They're both coming at me," she alleged.

Heaton claims that she mouthed the word "help" to the other men in the room but they ignored her pleas.

"This is the part that, for [as] long as I live, I’ll never f**king forget," Heaton said.

"It isn't actually the aspect of being sexually assaulted. That's not what haunts me… It's as these two grown men were pawing at me trying to take my clothes off, I look over to this man asking for help, and I literally mouth the word 'help', and we lock eyes, and he looks away," she continued.

"That's when the gut-wrenching fear set in. No one is f**king saving me tonight."

After she alleges the rappers tried to rip off her pants, she claimed she lunged at them, ran for the exit and hid inside a darkened studio.

"I sat there for like 20, 25 minutes just like crying, like, what the f**k do I do?" Heaton says.

She ended up eventually leaving the studio, along with another girl. 

Niykee Heaton performing in 2016. Image: Getty. 


"The moral of the f**king story," Heaton said. "Stay out of the industry. If you have daughters, make sure to tell them that their idols, they should never meet, and never go to the f**king studio with anyone, even if you're invited there as an artist, unless you have a bodyguard with you."

Since the alleged incident, the singer has pivoted away from music in recent years. She started an athleisure clothing line called Naturyl by Niykee and now lives on a farm in Nashville, Tennessee, with her two sons and farm animals.


Heaton's claims come on the heels of Diddy being hit with a slew of disturbing allegations and lawsuits in recent months.

In one lawsuit, singer Cassie Ventura accused him of rape and physical abuse spanning more than a decade. Then in CCTV footage from 2016 leaked in May, Diddy can be seen physically assaulting Cassie, hitting her and dragging her down the hallway of a hotel.

Sean Combs and Kanye West in 2014. Image: Getty. 


He issued an apology saying he was "truly sorry" and there was "no excuse" for his behaviour. He settled the lawsuit with Cassie out of court. 

After Cassie's lawsuit, a number of named and unnamed women have since accused the rapper of rape, sexual assault, physical violence and revenge porn. In March, federal agents searched his properties in Los Angeles and Miami as part of a sex-trafficking investigation.

Meanwhile, Kanye West has also recently faced a slew of disturbing allegations. In a lawsuit, Lauren Pisciotta — West's former personal assistant — alleges she was subjected to sexual harassment, wrongful termination, gender discrimination, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional and physical stress.

In one of the most disturbing allegations, she accused Ye of "masturbating in front of" her during phone calls and "over-sharing intimate sexual details, photos and videos of sex acts".

The 25-page complaint accused the rapper of "nonconsensual, offensive, unwanted, unsolicited and unwelcomed unlawful acts".

West said he plans to counter-sue Pisciotta.

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