"I woke to nice plump skin": 11 women tried Nivea's Cellular Filler Anti-Age Night Cream.

Thanks to our brand partner, Nivea

At the end of the day, your skin probably feels dry and undernourished. 

You might be looking a bit tired and noticing those fine lines around your eyes more. 

You're probably looking for a night cream that will rehydrate your skin and fill in wrinkles, leaving your face feeling fresh, plump and dewy. 

Enter: Nivea's Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Night Cream with a new and improved formula featuring cell-activating ingredients, hyaluronic acid and 4% collagen booster Bioxilift™. The nightly moisturiser also activates your skin cells to produce their own hyaluronic acid and collagen during the night, when its self-regenerating capacity peaks. With regular use it fills in wrinkles, refines contours and visibly makes skin plumper. 

Sounds perfect, right?  

To help you find out whether it lives up to the hype, we asked our Mamamia You Beauty panel members to road test Nivea's Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Night Cream and report back to us.

Here's what they said. 

Susan, 53: "My skin feels plumper."

"I think I've found my new night cream." Image: supplied.

"This cream feels and smells luxe. I love that when I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels moist but not oily as it can sometimes with rich overnight creams. I'm so glad I took part in this trial, I think I've found my new night cream. 


"I feel that my skin feels plumper and more moisturised."

Seraya, 41: "My skin felt plump, juicy and fresh." 

"My skin felt firmer and well hydrated." Image: supplied. 

"I saw a difference in the texture of my skin from almost day one. I was initially a bit unsure as the formula is very thick. I was pleasantly surprised though as it didn't feel greasy or heavy. 

"I woke in the morning to see that it had completely absorbed and my skin felt plump, juicy and fresh. I started to use over the top of my night serum and this worked a treat. 

"My skin felt firmer and well hydrated in the morning."

Marlena, 49: "My mum also used it!" 

"This is a beautifully hydrating product that did not cause any reactions with my super sensitive skin. The cream itself is mousse like in texture and I found my skin absorbed it easily. It didn't feel greasy or overly heavy. 

"My mum, who is 74 years old, also tried it and it made a significant difference to her skin - it looked more plump and some of the fine lines were reduced. My mum felt it was one of the best creams she had used and it also didn't inflame her very sensitive skin (sensitive skin and eyes are a family thing). Highly recommend!" 

Regina, 63: "My skin felt softer after just one night."

"This product didn't disappoint." Image: supplied. 


"I was excited to try this product. I quite like Nivea body products but haven't tried any of their skincare range. 

"This product didn't disappoint. It's so lovely to use! I wear it at night all over my face and neck and any residual cream I rub into my hands." 

Lucy, 43: "The best moisturiser I have ever used."

"This was genuinely the best moisturiser I have ever used. I feel lucky I got to participate in the trial, because I will repurchase this product for a long time to come. 

"I feel it combined the plumping qualities of hyaluronic acid with proper nourishment for my skin. It was absolutely the perfect consistency for me - not at all oily or greasy, but also not too light.

"My skin felt immediately soothed and hydrated. I also believe there is a brightening effect." 

Grace, 56: "It feels amazing on my skin." 

"My skin looked firmer with less wrinkles." Image: supplied. 


"I love the thickness of this night cream and it feels amazing on my skin. I found it to be non-greasy, hydrating and a little goes a long way. I also noticed a big difference with the fine lines I had on my forehead.   

"I did find my skin looking firmer with less wrinkles."

Cathy, 49: "My face feels firmer after four weeks." 

"I found it has a lovely texture, thick but not too thick." Image: supplied. 

"I found it has a lovely texture, thick but not too thick. For me it left my skin feeling nice at bedtime. Other night creams I have used have been too heavy for me and I can often still feel them on my skin in the morning. This wasn’t like that at all - it just melted into my face nicely overnight doing its thing. I really like this product and will purchase it ongoing to continue to use it.

"My face feels firmer after four weeks."

Marie, 46: "My overall skin condition has improved."

"My skin immediately felt smoother and more hydrated." Image: supplied. 


"I love this product! It glides on so smoothly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

"My skin immediately felt smoother and more hydrated. My overall skin condition has improved with fewer breakouts and less dryness." 

Amanda, 42: "My skin looks healthy, radiant and a bit plumper."

"I love, love, LOVE this night cream! I love the scent and texture and it didn’t make my oily skin feel any oilier. It went on nice and smooth, it was easy to apply and to wash off my face in the morning. 

"My skin looks healthy, radiant and a bit plumper." 

Rachael, 47: "It just glides onto your face."

"I found my face was softer and makeup went on better." Image: supplied. 


"I loved this night cream, so silky to put on at night, just glides onto your face making it feel fresh and plump. There was a noticeable difference, I felt more confident with minimal makeup, even with my melasma.

"I found a distinct difference in four weeks. With less fine wrinkles around my mouth and a smoother complexion, my skin feels dewy and refreshed." 

Pratiksha, 37: "My skin was a lot softer and felt nourished."

"My skin was plumper." Image: supplied.

"The cream itself was pleasant to apply, with a light fragrance and it was easily absorbed. I woke up each morning to find my skin was a lot softer and felt nourished. Over time, I felt my face was looking plumper than usual, and as the cream was the only change in my usual routine, I would attribute the results to that!

"I definitely felt my skin was plumper and that some of the hollows under my eyes seemed a lot less noticeable. Overall, my skin seemed a lot softer and more nourished."

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