"My skin felt instantly plumper." 7 women trial Nivea's Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Day Cream.

Thanks to our brand partner, Nivea

Right now, your skin might be feeling a little dry. Perhaps it's not as plump and dewy as it used to be. 

You might have noticed a few more laugh lines around your eyes and felt like your normal daily moisturiser isn't packing quite the punch that it used to. 

If that's the case, you’re probably searching for a product that will rehydrate your poor, dry skin and help restore it to its plump, dewy former self. 

Enter Nivea's Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Day Cream. The new and improved features include cell-activating ingredients hyaluronic acid and 4% collagen boosting Bioxilift™, and with regular use it fills in wrinkles and visibly makes skin plumper. The everyday moisturiser also activates your skin cells to produce their own hyaluronic acid and collagen. And the SPF15 UVA&UVB protection system helps to protect skin from UV-induced photo-ageing, cell damage and age spots.

Sounds perfect, right?  

To help you find out whether it lives up to the hype, we asked our Mamamia You Beauty panel members to road test Nivea's Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Day Cream and report back to us.

Here's what they said. 

Margie, 51: "My skin was instantly plumper."

"It felt instantly nourished and hydrated." Image: supplied.  

"After massaging the cream into my skin, it felt instantly nourished and hydrated. This cream is extremely suited to my aging skin, I will definitely purchase.

[My] skin was instantly plumper and would drink this up in the cooler months of the year." 

Sara, 43: "Even got comments on my skin in the last month."

"... found this day cream to be super nourishing and plumping. Even got comments on my skin in the last month and that for a 43 year old is always great!"


Liz, 60: "I love this product!"

"I found it really easy to apply. It seemed to plump up my skin and my face definitely felt plumper and hydrated as soon as I applied it."

"I love the subtle fragrance and the consistency." Image: supplied.  

Leanne, 58: "A little goes a long way."

"This product is beautifully rich and creamy." Image: Supplied.  

"This product is beautifully rich and creamy. A little goes a long way, I’ve been using it daily for just under four weeks and there’s at least 7/8 left in the jar.


It has a traditional ‘Nivea’ scent, but softer than the body lotion. I found it extremely hydrating and softening to the skin."

Juliette, 52: "So much more hydrated!"

"This cream has a lovely, thick texture that quickly melts into the skin leaving a slight, glowy feeling." Image: supplied.  

"This cream has a lovely, thick texture that quickly melts into the skin leaving a slight, glowy feeling. The scent is clean and fresh, but may be a little strong from those who prefer un-perfumed products. Not me - I like it! 

"It provides a nice base for makeup and seems to keep my skin hydrated all day. It worked to plump forehead lines and crow's feet. It is easy to spread and applied nicely to the neck and decollete.

"I had no reaction to this, which is great because my skin can be a little reactive and rashy. Also - just looking at my before and afters, I feel like some discolouration has faded! Win-win!"

Carolyn, 51: "It's very lush and creamy."

"It felt instantly plumping." Image: supplied.  


"Firstly, I liked the texture of this product. It's very lush and creamy, without being greasy at all. I didn't need much to spread onto my cleansed skin, and it really did feel instantly plumping. 

"My usual routine is cleanse in the morning and use a simple oil or light moisturiser before going to the gym. I then shower and use my serums/sunscreen/makeup after my workout. I started using this for my pre-gym moisturiser, and it worked well. It gave me a fresh plump feeling and a small SPF protection which is good for early morning." 

Linda, 62: "My skin is plumper and more smooth." 

 "I definitely feel that my skin is plumper and more smooth." Image: supplied.  

"A lovely subtle scent and texture. This day creams glides easily and practically melts onto my skin. I definitely feel that my skin is plumper and more smooth. 

"A pleasant surprise was how well my foundation sits over this day cream unlike others I’ve tried. Looking forward to trying the other products in this range." 

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