This Instagram account has found a clever way to get around the 'nipple ban.'

If “free the nipple” isn’t a phrase you’re familiar with seeing on your social media, we’ll give you a quick run down.

The ‘#freethenipple’ campaign began when Instagram started removing topless images of women for “violating codes of conduct,” while leaving the bare chests of men. In other words:

Female tits: Nay.

Male tits: Okay.

So much for equality. (Image: iStock)

The inherent sexism behind the censorship led an entire movement of women to protest the decision.

An Instagram account has now popped up in protest of the ban with a bloody genius way to get around it. The "@genderlessnipples" account currently has 17 photos of nipples proudly displayed on its public page.


Instagram can't seem to detect the violation as the images are shot so close-up that it's almost impossible to tell if they belong to male or female bodies.

Trying to guess the gender of the chests displayed seems like a simple task but a quick scroll proves it's surprisingly difficult.

The account has been flooded with messages of encouragement from users who support the clever protest.

If you would like to contribute, an email address has been provided for submissions: [email protected]

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