Women come up with sneaky (and brilliant) way around Instagram's nipple ban.


Instagram does not like lady nipples. Neither does Facebook. The wizards behind both those companies consider the lady nip to be the epitome of all that is evil and horrifying. A mother who posts a breastfeeding picture is basically a criminal. You would think, at the rate social media censors any photo that offers even the hint sneaky areola, that a mix of the tears of tortured of puppies and Hitler poop is what’s hiding under every lady’s bra.

Last time I checked though, my nips were fairly uninteresting slightly browner spots sitting slightly off centre on my fairly average (and slightly uneven in size) boobs. Nothing offensive as far as I can tell. No puppy tears. No Hitler poop. In fact, lady nipples remind me of something… Something that we see on Facebook and Instagram all the time… Something that look identical to lady nipples…. Oh yeah, that’s right – man nipples.

Lady nipples look exactly like man nipples.

But for some nonsensical reason, lady nipples = SCARY AND OFFENSIVE and man nipples = Meh/Whatevs.

So, two awesome women did the only thing they could – they found a loophole in social media’s ridiculous rules around showing the female nipple, and that loophole looks like this:

It’s called The TaTa Top, and it’s the new unofficial mascot of #freethenipple – a campaign that’s desperately needed because, you know, if you are a lady in possession of nipples, you are officially considered the most offensive thing possible on social media.

The #freethenipple campaign saw a lot of women trying to combat this ridiculousnous by posting photos of their nips, breastfeeding or otherwise. But after continuing to have the pics censored, Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle created The TaTa Top, which shows lady nipple without actually showing lady nipple. Because if the actual nipples are covered, the social media wizards have no reason to be scared that demons will jump out of the photos and possess them. Take a look:


Veeeery sneaky ladies. Also brilliant.

So brilliant in fact, that the The TaTa Top is going gangbusters. Women all over the net are posting pics of themselves in the sneaky garment, and for the most part, not getting censored by terrified social media wizards. Because, you know, TECHNICALITY SUCKERS.

The TaTa Top’s official website says that the project has basic goals: “Raise money for our organizations, desensitize people to the site of nipples and above all….make people LAUGH.”

Bull’s eye.

Check out The TaTa Top website here, Instagram here and Facebook here.