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Nina believes there's something we're all missing about her decision not to kiss Eden.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise Nina Rolleston did not receive a rose.

Instead, Osher gave Nina a few moments to say her goodbyes before she left paradise… single.

Her “bachie boyfriend” Eden Schwencke had chosen to give his rose to newcomer Elora Murger.

The move came after Nina told Eden she was not prepared to kiss anyone – including him-  up until the end of the show.

“For me that meant waiting until the end and if I had a beautiful man standing beside me, and if we decided that we would continue something outside of paradise, then he would be the person I’d kiss,” Nina explained to Mamamia.

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Since the episode aired a lot of people on social media have been critical of Nina’s choice to not lock lips with any of the contestants in paradise.

It’s basically become #KissGate.

Nina says she’s quite shocked by the backlash.

“For me intimacy is quite important and it does mean a lot more to me than it just being a kiss,” she explained.

“I’ve never had a one night stand, I’ve never had a nightclub pash and dash, it’s just not me.”

A lot of bachie fans have brought up the fact Nina broke a Guinness World Record while kissing Sam Wood on The Bachelor, but wasn’t prepared to kiss anyone on this show.

The former Bachelor contestant said the comparison “blows her mind”.

“We’re talking about me having one kiss with one person three years ago,” she explained.


“That was very heavily televised and now all of a sudden, three years later, as a more grown up, more mature person, people think that I can’t have a value just because I kissed one person three years ago?”

The 30-year-old said she still has feelings for Eden but won’t be pursuing a relationship with him outside of paradise.

“I think if things didn’t happen the way they did then there definitely could have been that catch up and rekindle,” she said.

“I just think to tell someone they’re selfish for having values in regards to intimacy is just one of the most disgusting things you could ever say to a woman.

“In a world where we’ve got #MeToo movements and consent is such a big conversation, I just cannot believe that there’s been such a backlash to a woman who actually stood her ground and took responsibility for her own body.”