Nikki answers her toughest question yet: 'What would you do if Richie pulled a Blake?'

Ever since Bachelor Richie BROKE ALL OF AUSTRALIA’S HOPES AND DREAMS by rejecting Nikki Gogan for Alex Nation, the rumour mill has run freakin’ berserk.

‘He’s going to pull a Blake Garvey!’ some mused, while speculative articles trickled in, suggesting that a Blake-esque switcheroo had already taken place in the three months since filming ended.

Sadly for Nikki fans, Alex and Richie appeared smitten on their press rounds on Friday morning, and whispers of a Nikki/Richie reunion have proven to be, well… total b*llshit.

(Just quietly, I am stoked that Alchie/Richex are Australia’s happiest power couple – I’m simply sympathising with Australia’s curly haired sweetheart.)

The dumping moment that stopped the nation. (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelor)

This morning, the heartbroken 29-year-old called into KIIS' Kyle and Jackie O Show, and answered the question we've all been dying to ask: "What would you do if Richie came crawling back?'

Her answer was perfection.

“I believe that the person meant for me would choose me first in every possible version of reality. We obviously weren’t meant to be," Nikki said with an abundance of class.


“I would say, ‘no thank you’.”

Ya snooze ya lose, Richie. (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelor)

#BreakUpGoals #NikkiForBachelorette2017

So, now that's done with, what about Nikki's heart? Has she managed to move on from the most epic blindside in TV history?

“I don’t feel like I’m in love like I was three and a half months ago," the business development manager said.


The racing aficionado had nothing but good things to say about the other half of Richex, after spending all of Thursday doing interviews together (this woman is perfection).

"She's been very, very respectful of me, at no point was she rubbing anything in my face."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you handle an incredibly tricky situation with grace and class.

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