Nikki Phillips had the perfect baby name picked out. There was just one little problem.

After going around in circles trying to choose a name for their baby-to-be, Nikki Phillips and her husband, musician Dane Rumble, had finally found one they both loved.

This is no small feat; in a world where you can conceivably name a child after any type of fruit (à la Gwenyth and Chris), there’s no shortage of names to choose from.

“We had a girl’s name 100 per cent picked — we didn’t fight about it we both agreed and said that’s amazing,” the 33-year-old told The Daily Telegraph.

However, it turned out there was one teeny-tiny problem with the name they had decided on.

“Then we found out it was a boy and were really struggling [with names],” she added.

“We have two we really like but we will come up with a shortlist of five, as we have to meet him before we decide. He will have the middle name Phillips, though, since I didn’t take Dane’s surname.”

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In February, the model, TV presenter and fashion blogger announced her pregnancy on Instagram and is currently 24 weeks pregnant.


“Baby Phillips Rumble is due early July and we are beyond excited, slightly terrified but utterly blessed. We can not wait to meet our little miracle. I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, but never knew it could be,” she wrote, alluding to her battle with cervical cancer dating back to her diagnosis in 2009.

Talking to The Morning Show in March about her pregnancy, Phillips admitted it had been challenging to fall pregnant after so many health hiccups.

“We had been there before. We had actually had three miscarriages before he came along, so we felt like we were repeating the whole thing,” she said.

“We had this amazing news, and you’re so excited but then you’re like, ‘Is he going to make it? Is it really going to happen?'”

In the interview, the model revealed the couple had tried for two years before finally conceiving their baby boy, and admitted it had been an “emotional rollercoaster”.

Phillips and Rumble married in Bali in May 2014.

Did you find it hard to settle on a baby name? What helped you decide?