The Bachelor's Nikki phones in to a radio station to tell her side of the finale break-up story.

We made it, guys.

We made it to the end of The Bachelor, and watched Richie and Alex sail off into the sunset to start their “INCREDIBLE” life together.


But that doesn’t mean we’re taking the decision well. In fact, Australia is very, very mad at Richie. And we all let out a few tears (or seventeen) when we watched Nikki have her heart crushed on national television.

So, it was a massive relief when she made a surprise call to NOVA’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning to let us all know that she yes, she is doing okay.

Nikki has spoken about the moment she had her heart "crushed". Image via Channel 10.

"I'm feeling the love from Australia! I feel you all giving me a great big hug and it’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy and I really appreciate it," she said.

The final episode of Bach Chat is here. And we have a lot of feelings.


That doesn't mean she wasn't absolutely crushed by Richie's choice last night.

"It was really hard, I obviously wasn't expecting what I was hearing [when Richie didn't choose me]," she said.

(Us neither, Nikki.)

the bachelor's nikki
"I wasn't expecting it," Nikki said of the result. Image via Channel 10.

"I was definitely crushed, but...I knew damn well that was a potential outcome and that there was only going to be one person standing at the end. I put myself in that position and opened my heart completely. It was the risk that I took, and I'm glad that I did," she said.

Barely twelve hours since the finale went to air and the nation a campaign for Nikki to be our next Bachelorette is already taking shape. But... Nikki said she's not ready to take that step.

"I'm still not at that point to completely open my heart up again. I do want to meet my person and be in love...but I would be very scared to do this again."