The video that shows the exact moment Nikki's heart collapsed inside.

Last night I (accidentally) bet my job that Nikki would take home the Bachelor crown and be chosen by Richie to be his leading lady forever and ever and ever.

Either my heart was so broken everyone took pity on me and let me back into the office this morning, or everyone else was so broken and teary-eyed that they couldn’t see through their own hurt to send me home.

But despite how surprised Australians are this morning about the result of last night’s finale, nothing could compare to the look on Nikki’s face the moment she realised something was awry, and perhaps Richie wasn’t going to choose her to stand with him at the end.

For those who were playing along at home, the minute Nikki’s golden shoe stepped foot from the limo and onto the pavement, we knew. The first girl out of the limo never wins, and 20+ seasons of international Bachelor history wasn’t working with us this time.

But it was Nikki’s face the moment she realised it wasn’t her that was the most heartbreaking scene to bear witness to.

It was this one:


She was, perhaps to no one’s surprise, as gracious and dignified in heartbreak as she was in love. And her warmth has won her a legion of fans across the country.

“Rich has made the right decision for him and his heart, and that’s what this journey was all about for him. I don’t have any hard feelings towards Richie, he has been awesome,” she told the cameras, just moments after hearing Richie’s words.

“I hope that all of those words he said, he meant. And I think that he would have. I don’t have his heart, that’s all. What he has with Alex must be really really special and I know that they will be incredibly happy together.”

"I don't have his heart, that's all." Image:Screenshot via Channel 10/The Bachelor. 

Three-and-a-half months after the episode was filmed, she told Fitzy and Wippa this morning the support she has received in the last 24 hours has been both unprecedented and comforting.

"I am feeling the love, I am feeling that Australia is giving me a great big hug and it's making me feel all warm and fuzzy," she said.

More than that, she hasn't ruled out dating in the future. She's just taking some time to mend.

"I'm still not at that point to completely open my heart up again. I do want to meet my person and be in love...but I would be very scared to do this again."