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Former Bachelor star Nikki Gogan just quietly announced she has a boyfriend.

Former Bachelor star Nikki Gogan has celebrated her 31st birthday this week with an extra special someone.

The Perth-based real estate agent posted an Instagram photo thanking fans for their birthday wishes and chucked in a little announcement that she is indeed “taken”.

“Believe me when I say that I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. I am surrounded and loved by the most incredible people and I am so so grateful,” she wrote in the caption.

“This has been the best birthday ever and this man is a major part of that #taken.”


While we couldn’t be happier for Nikki, she kept the identity of her new love strictly hidden and only showed a glimpse of the back of his head.

At the moment, all we know of the man is that he has brown hair and is slightly taller than her, which gives us approximately… zero leads. Dangit.

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Earlier this year, New Idea reported Nikki had been catfished by a man who lied about being a property developer.

We’ve got all our fingers and toes crossed that she’s now found someone that’s deserving of her trust.