"The push to name Nikki the next Bachelorette is heating up. Please, for the love of glob, NO."

After Nikki Gogan’s shock loss to Alex Nation on The Bachelor finale, it was immediately obvious what would happen next.

Adoring viewers would rally to see her crowned next year’s Bachelorette to give her a second shot at finding love on national TV. It happens every damn time the delightful fan favourite is given the boot.

Right on cue, the well-intentioned Team Nikki movement leapt into action. The People are PUMPED and their calls are getting louder.

Facebook group, named ‘Nikki Gogan for Bachelorette 2017’, has cropped up. It now counts more than 2000 members.

The page’s description reads: “Nikki, the whole of Australia fell in love with you, I believe you’re The People’s Choice for The Bachelorette’s 3rd season in 2017.”

While Nikki herself has not agreed publicly to fill the role, she has not ruled it out either.

The finale moment Richie broke the devastating news to Nikki. Image via Channel 10.

So before we get any closer to this thought bubble turning into something concrete; before producers sink their claws into Nikki; before the planted seed grows into a giant bloody irresistible beanstalk, I'm just going to say this on behalf of all Australia's Bach fans: DO. NOT. DO. IT.

Yes, it's a sweet sentiment and in theory, a nice idea. But if we've learnt anything from the last season of The Bachelor, it's that a 'nice idea' in practice risks being exceedingly stale.

Nikki is lovely. She won all of us over on the show for her easygoing charm and honest nature.

... And funnily enough, we felt the same way about Richie "cool bananas" Strahan when we first got to know him on The Bachelorette's first season with Sam Frost.

Fans were mighty upset when Richie was dumped and they begged to see him make a comeback on The Bachelor. I, admittedly, was among this chorus.

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Fast forward one year and that's exactly what happened. And let's be honest here: we ended up with one of the least inspiring seasons so far.

Not only that, but the public feeling about poor Richie has has taken a dramatic downward turn.

And look, I don't think it's fair to pin the blame on him for the snooze-fest. I'm putting it down to recycled characters — we knew exactly what we were in for when it came to Richie.

I know what you're thinking: Well, what about Sam Frost?

Her situation was different. She won The Bachelor and after the show, was unceremoniously broken up with by then-fiance Blake Garvey.

Making her the star of Australia's very first series of The Bachelorette was a clever move; it drew eyeballs and it was practically created for her. (Post continues after audio.)

Now, this second season of The Bachelorette with the smart and sassy Georgia Love is excellent. And the first three seasons of The Bachelor were a heap of fun to watch.

So rather than push the show producers into taking the easy route to please the adoring masses, let's trust they will scout out a great, fresh Bachie Queen to snag our attention two nights a week. Someone who doesn't leave you feeling relieved when Gogglebox finally starts.

If we're in for a repeat of this year's Bachelor, then I'm gone. I don't think I'll be alone in thinking that.

And the last thing I want for the wonderful Nikki is for the public to turn on her like they did with Richie.

So for the love of all that is holy in Bach land, leave Nikki out of it.