Nikki Gogan had a VERY exciting date to watch The Bachelorette finale with last night.

Oh my holy banana, you guys, I’m almost too bloody excited to type.

Guess. What. Bachie fanatics! Your main gal, Nikki Gogan, and your main man, Fireman Cam Cranley, have practically been on a date. THEY’RE PRACTICALLY GETTING MARRIED.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration of the truth, but hear me out: The Bachelor runner-up and The Bachelorette fan favourite met in person last night to watch Lee and Georgia profess their undying love for each other.

Sure, there were other people around (including Bachie alums Rachael Gouvignon and Tiffany Scanlon), but judging by Cam’s caption on Instagram, he and Nikki hit it off.

A photo posted by Cameron Cranley (@camcranley) on

“Was amazing to meet the rest of the WA Bachie fam last night to watch the final episode together,” the 26-year-old shared.

“Congratulations to Lee Elliott and Georgia Love you both deserve the happiness that follows! Matty J so much respect for how you held yourself. It takes guts to live your life with your heart on your sleeve like that but it will only bring you great things in the future. And yes, I met @Nikki_Gogan *sunglasses emoji*)”

Without being totally hyperbolic and over-the-top, I wonder what Nikki and Cam (couple name CamKi) will name their children?

I like Matthew for a boy, and Ella for a girl… but I’m not picky. I’m sure they’ll make the right choice.

BRB, just making a scrapbook and photoshopping CamKi’s faces together to see what their babies will look like.

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