A little girl’s nightmares are being used to solve the mystery of her mum’s death.

Could this little girl’s nightmares be linked to a mysterious car terrorising her neighbourhood?

Two months ago, Three-year-old Elisa Tyler was involved in a horrific car accident that killed her mother.

The car slid off a wet road and into a tree, killing Natali Castellanos-Tyler and leaving her little girl traumatised.

At the time, Elisa was unable to tell investigators exactly what happened at the time of the accident.

But recently, little Elisa started having nightmares about a mysterious white van.

nightmares solving crime
Elisa Tyler is having nightmares of a white van wreaking havoc in her town. Image: Screenshot via CBS.

The girl’s father, Craig Tyler, believes the visions may be a clue as to what happened in the accident.

“The nightmares were at night time, now they’re coming into the day. She’ll be walking and just stop and start screaming ‘the white van, the white van’,” Mr Tyler told CBS.


“I’ll say, ‘what happened with the white van?’ And she’ll say, ‘it hurt me, it hurt my car.'”

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But if you thought that was odd, this will blow your mind…

A series of other people in the town have reported traffic accidents with… a white van.

nightmares solving crime
A white van is terrorising the neighbourhood, and Craig Tyler thinks it could be linked to his little girl’s dreams. Image: iStock

Mr Tyler found a report on Facebook, posted by 17-year-old Caitlyn Thomas, claiming she was struck by a white delivery truck on March 30. A woman named Subastree Thompson also said she was side-swiped by a white box truck on the same road.

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A third incident, said to have taken place on April 3, allegedly involved a white van striking a bus filled with students from a nearby high school.

Could it all be the same van?


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