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Your speedy update on all the day’s big stories, Wednesday, May 7 2014

Blogger suspected of “poisoning” her sick son.

A US woman who blogged about her sick son could be charged after his death was reportedly found to be from poisoning. Five-year-old Garnett Spears died on 23rd of January at Westchester County Medical Centre where doctors were shocked to find an incredibly high level of salt in his system. Fox News were told by a source that his death is being treated as a homicide from a lethal dose of sodium which was filtering into his body through a feeding tube that he’d had since he was a baby. Garnett’s mother, Lacey Spears (pictured above), has spent years writing about Garnett’s illnesses on her blog Garnett’s Journey. The Fox source suggests that when the boy was hospitalised in January, Ms Spears told a neighbour to destroy the feeding bags in her home. The Journal news have reported that since his death, Ms Spears has told a close friend that she expects she’ll be arrested.

US ready to help Nigeria #bringbackourgirls

The United States has made an offer to send a team of experts into Nigeria in a bid to help find the 200-plus schoolgirls who were kidnapped last week. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, phoned the Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, and made the offer as a result of the recent worldwide outrage over the abductions. According to Jen Psako, a US State Department spokeswoman, Mr Jonathan has accepted the offer. This comes after news this morning that armed men thought to be Boko Haram militants have kidnapped eight more girls, aged 12 to 15, from a village near one of their strongholds in Northeast Nigeria.

First defendant to face "One-punch" law.

The man accused of throwing a fatal punch while at a party in Sydney will be the first person in NSW to be dealt with under the Government's new one-punch laws after his charges were upgraded today. Nursing graduate Raynor Manalad (right), 21, was killed after he was allegedly punched in the head at a birthday party in Rooty Hill last Saturday. Hugh Garth, 21, is facing two additional charges after his appearance in Blacktown Local Court today, including assault causing death while intoxicated. The new one-punch law, introduced in January, outlines that anyone who fatally punches another person while intoxicated will receive 8 years minimum in jail.

Monica Lewinksy opens up about that famous affair.

Monica Lewinsky has revealed details of her affair with former US president Bill Clinton in an essay published in Vanity Fair magazine, saying that her "boss" took advantage of her. In the article, which will be on stands May 13, Lewinsky admits that her honesty could prove awkward for the Clintons, especially considering rumours that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. Lewinsky said she’d remained silent during previous Clinton campaigns but that now was the time for her to speak out. “I remained virtually reclusive, despite being inundated with press requests. I put off announcing several media projects in 2012 until after the election.  And recently, I’ve found myself gun-shy yet again, fearful of ‘becoming an issue’ should she decide to ramp up her campaign. But should I put my life on hold for another 8 to 10 years?”

Packer and Gyngell fight gets cartoon treatment.

Just when we thought the Packer and Gyngell fight story couldn't get any more dramatic, the Tawainese animators have created this incredible clip. The two-minute video explains the whole story behind the Bondi brawl and details the actual fight as well as the fall-out in a hilarious anime style. Though we're not entirely sure of the accuracy of the video, the 'thunder from down under' clip is definitely an entertaining addition to the billionaire fist-fight scandal.

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