Follow Nicole Richie's hair transformation through the years.

She’s the ultimate hair colour chameleon.

While Nicole Richie’s career got off to a dubious start as Paris Hilton’s sidekick in The Simple Life, she quickly rebranded herself as a talented jewellery designer, judge on NBC’s Fashion Star and mum to two gorgeous children.

Nicole, 32, has changed up her hair from blonde to brunette to caramel to blonde and brunette again so many times I almost got whiplash researching this post.

But that’s not a bad thing, we love that she always keeps her hair interesting. Most recently experimenting with rainbow shades like shocking purple and electric blue – something that not too many thirty-somethings in Hollywood can attest to.

Let’s take a look at some of her best hair moments, but first let’s remember this gem from 2003.

To be fair, it was the early 2000s, we ALL had bad hair. Whether it was a ‘The Rachel’ hangover or, like Richie, something inspired by Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ video clip.

But, because you can’t keep a good girl down, Nicole bounced back in 2005 with this sophisticated short bob.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Dove. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

Next up, Richie started channeling the look her image is still resonant with today: boho.

Her longer layers, dark roots, and beachy waves had everyone taking her photo into the hairdresser’s in 2006. And that’s not the only thing we copied from Nicole Richie that year.

Hands up if your wardrobe took a sudden hippie-esque turn with maxi skirts and paisley prints?

Two years later, she was still rocking her now signature boho vibe. And two years on we still want whatever she’s got.

This time it’s gold Grecian style hair accessories. You couldn’t go to a music festival in 2009 (when this photo was taken) without seeing bejeweled heads.


Now, remember what I said earlier about Nicole going blonde to brunette and back again?

Well, this isn’t her first foray into darker territory, but it’s certainly one of her best. This is Richie in early 2010 on the cover of Fashion Magazine, also sporting a fringe.

3 tips for achieving iconic hair like Nicole Richie:

1. Make like Nic and rock the hair accessories. Whether they be headbands, hair jewels, pretty clips or scarves, Ms Richie always has us lusting over her creative hairstyles.

2. Nicole has long made headlines with her shocking hair colour. She's gone from brunette to caramel to blonde and back again more times than we can count but she has also stepped out with pink, purple and even grey strands. If you are brave enough, dramatic colour really makes a statement.

3. With all those crazy colour changes, you'd think Nicole's hair would be straw-like and severely damaged. Not so- it always looks shiny and perfect. Keep your hair luscious and healthy at all times as well by regularly using nourishing products like Dove Pure Care Dry Oils.

Fast forward two years to September 2012. Ok, alright, we skipped a lot. Let me catch you up first: Nicole’s hair went from brown back to blonde, to blonde lowlights, to balayage blonde, to caramel, which led to this stunning shade of golden caramel.

Less than a year later (April 2013) she opted for another darker shade, this time with a bob and thick fringe. We want to know her secret for keeping her hair in such amazing condition with all the colour changes.

Later that year, Richie must’ve be getting bored with the blonde / brunette ping pong because she arrived at the 2013 Met Ball with, wait for it... grey hair.

She’s also the only human alive who can pull off blue hair and not look like a Smurf. (Also is it just me or does Nicole Richie’s hair seem to grow miraculously fast?)

But one of her all-time best haircuts and colour has to go to her shocking purple bob, proving you don’t have to be a punk to pull off electric lilac, she inspired women young and old to get into the salon and shake things up in 2014.

Tell us about your own best and worst hair moments in the comments.

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