FLUFF: This orangutan really, really likes Nicole Kidman.

There’s an orangutan at Perth Zoo who really, really likes Nicole Kidman.

His name is Hsing Hsing. He’s the alpha male of the pack, he just turned 39, and he wants some close and personal time with Nic.

Sure, he adores red-haired orangutan ladies, but apparently he’s also pretty keen on human redheads.

Famous ones, if he c an get ’em. 

Hsing Hsing’s keepers have observed that he stares at women with red hair through the glass… And that he rips pictures of Nicole Kidman out of magazines to keep.

Perth Zoo primate supervisor Holly Thompson told AAP:

“He’s definitely interested – it’s amazing. He understands that he’s attracted to a lovely redhead female orangutan and then he sees a lovely redhead in a magazine and goes, ‘oh yeah, close enough – Nicole Kidman, I’m going to rip that page out and put it to one side’.”

Oh, Hsing Hsing. Have you seen Keith Urban‘s pixie cut? You’ve got no chance up against that, mate. Primate.

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