FLUFF: Nicole Kidman tells the world what it's really like being Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman has done something pretty freaking rare. The strawberry-blonde Strangerland actress has told the world what it’s really like to walk around being Nicole Kidman all day, every day… And it’s fascinating.

Nicole, 46, sat down with American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel for a startlingly candid chat. She revealed what it’s really like to be a famous mama – and it involves more tacos and country music groupies than you’d expect.

Although she looked as porcelain-flawless as ever, Nicole was giggly and sweet and intimate in a way we haven’t seen in some time. She talks about being on the road with her husband Keith Urban, 46, (who cried his way into our hearts on the first Aussie season of The Voice but was taken from us by American Idol) and their two daughters, 5-year-old Sunday Rose and 3-year-old Faith. Yep, they all go on tour together in Keith’s big ol’ tour bus. Adorable much?

Bonus Reality points go to the Kidman-Urban brood for going through drive-throughs for cheeky dinner sometimes like a normal-person parent.

Now, you’ll notice that Nicole referred to Sunday as her ‘oldest daughter’, which has sent the observant gossips of the world into a spin. By speaking about Sunday as the oldest of her daughters, Nicole confirmed that she’s estranged from her adopted daughter, Isabella, in a sideways, accidental kind of way.

Keith and Nicole.

Absolutely, Nicole seems to have started anew with that sensitive pixie-cut soul, Keith Urban, and their two little cherubs. They got married back in 2006, and they’ve seen each other through addiction, recovery, blockbuster movies, career successes, haircut changes and raising two baby girls together. They seem to be a completely delightful married couple of the stable variety.

But will we ever really stop speculating about whether Scientology stole the two kids – Connor and Isabella – Nicole adopted when she was married to Tom Cruise? Our prediction: No. No, we as a society, are not done obsessing over the Cruise kids quite yet.


Here’s what Nicole said about the matter in an interview last year: “I have two children who are Scientologists — Connor and Isabella — and I utterly respect their beliefs.” But we’ve all heard that Tom and the Church of Scientology advised Connor and Isabella to distance themselves from Nicole.

Connor Cruise

Fast-forward to Feb 2014, when Connor Cruise came to Australia to walk around being all grown-up. He described his relationship with Nicole as “solid” and insisted they’re on amicable terms.

Look, maybe a day will come when Sunday Rose and Faith can give Connor and Isabella a call. They’ve certainly, between the four of them, got some unique ‘What it’s like to be famous offspring’ stories to debrief on. In an ideal world, they’d write and perform a country music album together.

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