FLUFF: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sing together. SWOON.

Nicole Kidman can sing – we’ve all seen Moulin Rogue.

Keith Urban can sing, we’ve all heard his country crooning (though we cannot be blamed for thinking his career is now exclusively about his pixie haircut).

Since they got married, we’ve basically been wishing to get an invitation for a round-the-campfire sing-along with the Kidman-Urban fam.

That invitation still hasn’t arrived. But the next best thing has just happened: a youtube video of the melodious couple singing together. In a children’s hospital, for charity, no less.

Here you are, the Kidman-Urban Charity Singalong video:

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be watching that vid on repeat all day and all night long. Nothing better than a couple of famous altruistic singers.

Bless your velvety vocal chords, Nicole and Keith. Bless them good.

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