CULT BUY: The earrings you've been spotting on The Bachelor and Offspring.

I absolutely LOVE earrings, and if there’s one thing all our favourite TV shows have in common at the moment, it’s amazing statement earrings.

Over the last few weeks as Offspring and The Bachelor have returned to our screens, I’ve found myself staring at a whole lot of earlobes, and I’ve noticed a bit of a trend.

There’s one Australian earring designer that both Nina Proudman, and the woman vying for Matty J’s heart, can’t get enough of.

The designer is called Nicole Fendel Jewellery and she’s actually been adorning Nina Proudman’s ears, wrists and neck for a few years now.

I remember frantically googling ‘Nina Proudman’s earrings’ a few seasons ago so I could get my hands on a pair ASAP.

Since then I’ve amassed a little collection and I call them my trusty faithfuls – as they go with everything and they never go out of style.


While Nina tends to wear Nicole’s smaller bohemian-inspired Nina-ish earrings, the women on The Bachelor prefer her big, bold statement earrings.

They’re a little bit of an investment, but trust me, you’ll love and wear your Nicole Fendel pieces for years to come.

Stylist Sarah Elizabeth Turner on how to turn your wardrobe around. 

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