Pete Evan's wife Nicola Robinson has opened up about her bisexuality.

Nicola Robinson, wellness blogger and wife of celebrity chef Pete Evans, has opened up about her bisexuality.

The former model told her 38,000 Instagram followers that during her childhood and teenage years she felt like she was more of a boy than a girl.

“I begged my Mum for short hair & I tried desperately to be accepted by my three older brothers, mostly by exuding boyish behaviour & imitating everything they did, including their love of skateboarding, nudie girl mags, motorbikes & V8’s!” she wrote.

She said that she also thought she was supposed to be a boy because she was “so innately into bewwwbs, especially big ones”.


The wellness blogger explained that she never spoke about her attraction to women because she didn’t think it was “normal” and she didn’t want people to think that she was a “weirdo” but now she understands herself better.

“Back then I was just completely & utterly fascinated by the female form & not at all interested in boys, unless of course they were fluffy & had four legs!” she wrote.

“I’m still deeply in awe of everything that represents, embodies & exudes the sacred feminine & by no means do I ever now feel like I’m a weirdo for endlessly loving one of life’s most celestial creations, but I’m definitely wholeheartedly into my glorious husband now too!” she added.

Nicola’s Instagram followers were quick to comment on the post, many of them thanking her for her honesty and openness.


“Thank you for just being honest @nutritionmermaid. This is the sort of honesty I search for in people but rarely find! Humans are so completely afraid of being themselves because they are afraid of being judged. Sometimes I find when I spill my guts the way you have exemplified here, some people either don’t know how to handle it or see it as a form of weakness or attention seeking. It is none of those. Just an expression of the divine being inside us all,” one person wrote.

“Your heart is so open. I believe it can take a long time to get to that point, loving yourself so deeply you are able to express and share your inner thoughts. I feel so protective at times, especially the raw times when I’m learning most. Thanks for always inspiring,” added another.

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“Love this so much. I think the 30’s are really about bringing all the different parts of ourselves together and understanding them. I’m still obsessed with boobs AND my hubs. Balance right?”

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