More details about Nicky Hilton's lavish wedding.


Paris Hilton has shared some behind the scenes snaps from her sister’s lavish Kensington Palace wedding.

And if you’re wondering where the money goes, the answer is in the details…

Take a look here:

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Nicky Hilton just got married at a palace. Because money.

What happens when an American hotel heiress marries into one of Britain’s wealthiest families? An extravagant ceremony at Kensington Palace, of course (is it like the local RSL? Can you just hire it out for events?).

Nicky Hilton, 31, married her fiancé, banking heir James Rothschild at The Orangery at Kensington Palace on Friday after becoming engaged in 2014. The pair have been dating since 2011.

  Paris was there too. She was the something blue.

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Nicky’s Valentino couture dress reportedly cost £50,000. Which, you know, was probably worth it, given how well the dress seemed to cope when it was run over by the bridal car.


That dress is so resilient. Was it made by NASA? Does the military need to know about it?

Speaking of the dress, it’s lovely. Really lovely.

Perhaps it’s a combination of that loveliness and the Kensington Palace location that has made a few people wonder whether the dress looks a little familiar.

Here’s Nicky’s dress again:

Ah, who knows? Imitation is the highest form of flattery and all that…. They both look very happy, so cheers to them.

Nicky was previously married to Todd Meister in 2004, but their marriage was annulled three months later.

Let’s hope that this union is more lucky (car running over dress, notwithstanding).

Remember when Nicky and Paris Hilton were a thing? Remind yourself of their lives as It Girls:

Where do you stand on bridal trains? Beautiful or death trap?

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