Nicki Minaj has been labelled 'insensitive' over her latest Instagram video.

Rapper Nicki Minaj has been slammed by some of her most loyal fans, after she posted a video to Instagram in which she appears to mock a mentally ill woman.

The video, filmed in Miami, shows a woman yelling at Nicki as the rapper continues to hound her with questions.

“What you said? Miss? C’mere…What did I do? Can we talk?” Nicki can be heard saying in the clip.

Miami locals took issue with the video, pointing out that the woman featured is known to locals and is mentally ill.

The rapper's latest Instagram video has caused a stir with her fans. Image via Instagram.

"I live in south beach and I know every homeless [person] around. We have a loooot of those around and she has mental illness (sic)," one fan wrote.

Others labelled Nicki's behaviour as "immature and disgusting".

"This lady clearly has issues, and Nicki, someone who is supposed to be a role model, is obviously instigating this woman because she's bored and thinks it's funny but really it's not," one wrote.

"This is sick," said another fan.

Image via Instagram.

This isn't the first time Nicki has appeared to make fun of someone via Instagram: last November, she appeared to order a person in a wheelchair to "walk" while wearing a fairy Hallowen costume.

Others simply took issue with the fact that the woman did not consent to be filmed for the entertainment of Nicki's 69.8 million followers.

"It don't matter if this woman is DRUNK, MENTALLY ILL, HIGH or whatever, the bottom line is she DID NOT AUTHORIZE Nicki to film her in whatever state of mind she was in (sic)," one fan wrote.

"She clearly did not want to be bothered and Nicki kept right on recordings and laughing."

US talk show host Wendy Williams slammed Minaj for the video - which has now been viewed more than 2.1 million times - claiming the video made the rapper look like "an insensitive b*tch."

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A representative for the National Alliance of Mental Illness - Miami told Page Six the backlash towards the video "illustrates the importance for everyone to understand the nature of mental illness and its symptoms and the need for compassionate treatment,"

"Celebrities should use their influence among young people in a positive manner to bring awareness to the real issues surrounding mental illness. Nobody would make fun of a cancer patient, and mental illness is an illness like any other."

Nicki Minaj has yet to publicly respond to the controversy.

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