"Walk! I command you to walk!" Nicki Minaj defends her 'offensive' Halloween video.

Well, someone had to stuff-up Halloween.

With a wave of her magic wand, Nicki Minaj, dressed as the boobiest fairy of all time, exhorted a woman in a motorised disability scooter to “Walk! I command you to walk!”

The rapper, 32, laughed uproariously at her own antics in a video of the incident uploaded to her Instagram account.

The boob fairy made the video while hosting her own Halloween party at 1 OAK Las Vegas on Friday night, a fact that could not be missed in a glance at her Instagram. There are no fewer than 13 pictures of Minaj in her bejewelled costume, half of them of her taking pictures of herself. How meta.

Video via Nicki Minaj

Minaj has removed the offending video, after followers were all like, “WTF, Nicki?”

“I’m PARALYZED!.. And I can assure you I’m offended,” one wrote. “I’ll NEVER walk again, so to make fun or even reference someone disabled is the lowest you can sink.” Ouch.

Another? Why not. “Just watched a video of you commanding a disable [sic] person to walk.. All the money in the world cannot buy class.. As a mother of a child with special needs you make me sick! We will never support any project you ever touch again.”

The woman in the scooter. Image via Instagram.

The thing is, we’ve got it all wrong, you guys. Minaj knows the person in the scooter, so it’s all good.

“That’s NOT a disabled person,” she wrote. “That’s my friend in a scooter.”

So you see? It’s totally fine!

Perez Hilton and Minaj had a civilised discussion about the issue over Twitter.

You know, Halloween is getting increasingly tricky. We can’t dress like Native Americans because it’s offensive. We can’t black-face because it’s offensive. We can’t dress up as Caitlyn Jenner, because it’s offensive.

And now we can’t even make jokes at the expense of disabled people?

It’s amazing she had time to offend anyone in between the selfies. Image via Instagram.

Next they’ll be telling us it’s not cool to make light of domestic violence, or that costumes depicting eating disorders aren’t appropriate.

It’s political correctness gone mad! Mad, I tell you!

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