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Everything you need to know about the rumours Nick Cummins is dating a... chicken heiress.



We have some… flavoursome news.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Nick Cummins has a new love interest… Lucy Steggles.

If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because she is a Steggles Chicken heiress.

The tender pair reportedly met through a man named James Brodie, who is Lucy’s sister Kristie’s boyfriend.


While the pair have reportedly known each other for a long time, they apparently became “romantic” on the Kokoda Trail.

Based on a brief stalk of Lucy Steggles’ Instagram, we can declare they are a perfect match.

She completes triathlons, has a passion for travel, and spends a lot of time volunteering.

Yep. Perfect match.

We have a few thoughts about this relationship, and they are mostly chicken-related.

Do we have to refer to Honey Badger as Honey Chicken from now on?

Do they spend Sunday nights having Steggles chicken nuggets and watching chick flicks?

Do they ever ruffle each other’s feathers?

It’s important to remember it is only a rumour at this point. And we mustn’t consume this gossip before it’s… fully cooked.

Ah, spring chicken love. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯