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Just all the evidence that last night's drama on The Bachelor was entirely manufactured.

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It’s week two of the new season of The Bachelor and things are officially starting to get dramatic.

On last night’s episode, contestant Nichole Wood stormed off during the cocktail party when her ‘rival’ Monique Morley received a single date card and rose from astrophysicist (yep, he’s not an influencer) Matt Agnew.

Mamamia meets The Bachelor, Matt Agnew. Post continues after video.

After walking away from the cameras with Rachael (aka ‘The Bride’) after watching the exchange go down, Nichole proceeded to yell: “SHE’S JUST A BLONDE F*CKING B*TCH WITH A TAN. Like, I’m over it.”

It was… a lot.

But according to a new interview, it seems there’s much more to the story behind Nichole’s ~tantrum~.

Speaking to NW magazine, the Gold Coast-based contestant explained that her storm out had “nothing to do with jealously”.

“It was more being upset that me and Monique were getting categorised and being told that all we are is blonde blue-eyed girls, and I know that both of us are more than that, that’s what got me so worked up,” she said.

Oh… makes sense.

We unpack all the latest antics on the Bachie mansion on our Mamamia Recaps podcast… Post continues after audio 

“It was me getting upset to being compared to someone when we are both individuals and we both have so much to offer individually, and no person is the same,” she added.

But you see, we have another theory.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that last night’s drama on The Bachelor was actually a) exaggerated to the max and/or b) almost entirely manufactured.

Here’s all the very important evidence behind our very scientific theory:

1. The long pauses.

During the episode, multiple shots of long pauses were included, effectively making Nichole look even more furious.

It was.. awkward. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

nichole wood bachelor australia
The music... changes everything.

2. The dramatic music.

If you've watched The Bachelor for a few years now, you'll know that the background music makes all the difference.

There's the winner's music (aka what we heard when contestant Chelsie first met Matt), the first kiss music, and of course, the ~drama~ music.

After watching Monique receive a rose, Nichole told the producers: "Good on her, I'm excited for her."

Add in some dramatic music (and those all important long pauses), and Nichole's statements instantly sounded... terrifying.

3. She never left the mansion.

nichole wood bachelor australia

Excuse us, but Nichole didn't exactly... storm out.

In fact, she didn't even leave the mansion.

Unless you can call walking three metres to the bathroom leaving the mansion, that is.


Guys. She just wanted to go to the bathroom, pls.

4. Everyone... forgot what happened.

When it came time for the rose ceremony, everyone kind of just... forgot what happened.

Was Nichole's storm out really that important? It certainly doesn't look like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

nichole wood bachelor australia
It was... a lot.

Speaking to Mamamia, eliminated contestant Jessica shared her thoughts on Nichole, after watching the drama unfold both behind the scenes and on the screen.

"The only real thing that did shock me was Nichole. I was quite surprised by her overconfidence, but then again I wasn't there for all of it, like her one-on-one time with Matt, so I don't know how that played out in real life," she said.

"I was quite surprised the over-the-top character because she is a really, really lovely girl and she has a lot of friends in that house as well," she said."She is still that cocky character, but it's usually a smaller part of her personality."

Jessica also admitted that the cocktail parties can get pretty intense behind the scenes.

"It definitely is very dramatic. Especially at the cocktail parties it can get pretty intense because you're all vying for Matt's time, you're all trying to get his attention so it can get really competitive and it can get really dramatic," she told Mamamia.

"The cocktail parties are a pretty accurate representation of what goes on, except for the animal noises."

The Bachelor continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

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