Some pretty shocking allegations have been made against Nicholas Sparks.

A movie about two people who get along ok


Sorry romantics – the man who made you believe in love might be a “homophobic, racist anti-semite”.

He’s the man behind what many consider the most romantic movie of all time, but Nicholas Sparks, the author of The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk To Remember and this year’s The Best of Me, might be responsible for something far more sinister than 17 tear jerking novels.

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Saul Hillel Benjamin, the former principal of a Christian High School founded by Sparks, alleges the novelist encouraged homophobic bullying, anti-semitism and refused to support African American students.

The 47 page complaint states:

Nicholas Sparks

“In reality, the non-fiction version of Defendant Sparks feels free, away from public view, to profess and endorse vulgar and discriminatory views about African-Americans, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (‘LGBT’) individuals, and individuals of non-Christian faiths.”

The lawsuit also claims Sparks supported a group within the school who openly wanted to enact a “homo-caust.”

TMZ continue: “Benjamin also claims Sparks publicly humiliated him by forcing him to get up in front of the entire school and justify his Jewish heritage. He says the parents of the students hurled insults at him while the board applauded.”

After Benjamin was fired, he alleges Sparks told others at the school to ignore his accusations because Benjamin was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

These accusations are particularly shocking, especially since they involve an entire school full of minors. However, this isn’t the first time Sparks commitment to diversity has been called into question.

One only needs to glance at his movie posters to see why: (this article continues below)

Sparks’ lawyer in the case, Theresa Sprain has responded to TMZ to deny the allegations. Meanwhile his entertainment lawyer Scott Schwimer, told TMZ, “As a gay, Jewish man who has represented Nick for almost 20 years I find these allegations completely ludicrous and offensive.”

Are you a fan of Nicholas Sparks? What do you think of the allegations?