The Nguyens had a final glorious message for the classmates who kept mixing them up.

For many, the yearbook photo — and accompanying quote — is a final opportunity to make your mark on your high school contemporaries.

It’s a chance to highlight your legacy, spout a cringe-worthy quote or say a big ‘stuff you’ to all those idiots who learnt exactly nothing about you in seven years.

Such was the case for these four young women who shared the last name ‘Nguyen’ and most likely not a lot else — certainly not DNA.

Presumably exhausted from constantly explaining that ‘no, they weren’t related’ and ‘actually, Nguyen is the most common Vietnamese family name’, they captioned their final photos accordingly:

Nguyen last name
Source: Reddit/L_Dav_

For all those wondering why Nguyen is such a common last name, Reddit user Fidelstikks provided a helpful history lesson:

“It has to do with the dynasty’s of feudal lords and people changing their name to honor their lords in ancient Asia,” he wrote.
“Many Vietnamese changed their name or were rewarded the honoured name ‘Nguyen’ during the Nguyen dynasty’s rule.

“A man who had his name changed, would marry a woman, who’s name would now be Nguyen, who’d have many children, all of them all being Nguyen as well, and so on.”

I think we’ve all learned a few things about Nguyens today.

Mainly, don’t mess with them.