6 Monday news bites (Oct 2)

Liz Hurley and her new engagement ring.

1. Euthanasia advocate hands out ‘how to’ books

Dr Philip Nitschke has risked breaking the law by handing out his own book which contains instructions for a do-it-yourself suicide pill. Dr Nitschke was presenting a speech at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney when he handed out his book, admitting it was likely considered to be a ‘political act’.

2. Shane Warne and Liz Hurley engaged

The former cricketer apparently proposed to Liz Hurley in front of a room filled with VIPs at the exclusive Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Scotland. This was later denied by Warne, who insisted he proposed privately. Warne later tweeted: “Thanks for all your congratulations.  Here’s a pic of us about to go to Dunhill dinner in St. Andrews” The ring apparently cost $50,000.

3. Politicians pay packets could get bigger

But at the expense of generous entitlements, it appears. The independent Federal Remuneration Tribunal is taking a look at salaries with a view to increasing them. Backbench salaries are tipped to almost double to $250,000. And the pay packets of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, her ministers and also shadow ministers will likely be increased. Ms Gillard, who now earns $366,366 annually, could get as much as $650,000 under any new system while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s could go up from $260,000 to almost $480,000.

4. More than 100,000 families have used paid parental leave


Families Minister Jenny Macklin said most of the claimants had been women and more than half earned less than $42,000 a year, showing how important it was for low income earners. The scheme pays about $590 a week, for 18 weeks.

5. Study finds men with bent penises mostly did it during (hot and heavy) sex.

Tom Ford ... what more can be said?

Well, that much seems rather obvious. From the files of ‘did science really need to tell us this’ researchers in the States have discovered that almost all the cases of ‘penile fractures’ at one US hospital in Pennsylvania happened during steamy sex. Andrew Kramer found 16 cases between 2007 and 2011 of men who required surgery after breaking their penis, an injury that occurs when the organ is bent sharply, rupturing the chambers needed to sustain an erection. About half of the men admitted they had received their injury in the course of extramarital affairs.

6. Designer Tom Ford cracks new levels of weird

You might have heard of Tom Ford. He’s the designer whose ad campaigns have always been a little Not Safe For Work. Usually involving optimum levels of nakedness. This time he’s appearing in the Russian GQ Magazine, pictured pulling fragrance testers from the derriere of a naked woman. As you do. There’s really not a lot more to be said of the matter.

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