7 Friday news bites (July 1)

Octomum Nadya Suleman ‘hates’ her kids





Friday, we think, has always been the most good looking day of the week. And it’s here, right now! Quick, everybody look busy.

You’ll probably be relaxing by the time the day is out (we hope) but before you do, catch up on some Aussie and world events right here with the news. And then go have a rest.

1. Baggage handlers back on the radar for ‘framing’ Schapelle Corby?


If you didn’t catch Channel 9 last night, it aired new allegations from a woman known only as ‘Sue’ who signed a statutory declaration and claimed she was dating a Brisbane Airport baggage handler whose colleague brought a very large bag of marijuana to work. He apparently panicked when a supervisor was coming close by and stuffed the bag in some luggage, which may well have been Corby’s. Corby is serving a 20 year sentence in Indonesia after being caught with the 4.5kg stash overseas. Plausible?

2. $30 million in assistance for graziers in live export suspension

The Federal Government yesterday announced a $30 million package of assistance and compensation for cattle owners and graziers caught up in the suspension of live export animals to Indonesia. The money would also go to those whose businesses were connected to the live cattle trade, such as helicopter mustering companies. The money won’t last long, however, and Julia Gillard said the best thing to do now was to resume the trade with a solution to the animal welfare issues.

3. Greece is in a whole lot of trouble.

You might have skipped the headlines but here’s a quick recap on a major economic drama that is unfolding. Greece is in more than $450 billion of debt and can’t pay it back. In order to possibly, maybe, perhaps get another $100 billion dollar loan from the European Union (whose member countries themselves are also in high debt) they had to pass major spending cuts to prove they could take action. Cue higher taxes for the poor and 150,000 cuts in the o ver-payed public sector. It’s no guarantee and

That’s a whole lot of bridge.

Greece is likely to still struggle (and possibly go bankrupt) but it needed to be done. The people are now rioting and protesting because they reckon they’re paying for the Government’s mistakes. Greece’s GDP is $330 billion.

4. Industry to fight carbon tax just like the mining tax

An alliance of big business is getting ready to lay down $10 million on an advertising blitz to get rid of the carbon tax. The objectives, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, are to ‘substantially modify’ the carbon tax or put a stop to it altogether. And hey, it worked with the mining tax.

5. Chinese open worlds longest over-water bridge – 42 km long.

The Jiaozhou Bay in China is now home to the world’s longest bridge and it’s breathtaking. Estimates about how much it cost range from $2 billion to $8 billion. Either way, the bridge will carry about 30,000 cars a day and half the journey from one side of the bay to the other by 30 minutes. Phew.







6. Former Idol host Jay Dee Springbett found dead in hotel room

Sony Music executive and the former Idol host (who at the time replaced sacked Kyle Sandilands) has been found dead in a Sydney hotel late last night. Police have said the cause of death is not suspicious.

7. Octomum says her children ‘disgust’ her.

The mother of 14 children, including octuplets, says she hates her children and sometimes she locks herself away in a closet to get some time alone. Nadya Suleman, who desperately sought a large family and is raising the children on her own, says it’s too much. Sounds like she needs help. Big time.

If you or a friend or family member are suffering from depression please call Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14

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