Newlywed husbands desperately try to describe their brides’ wedding dress.

Finding the perfect dress is a huge part of the wedding for a lot of brides. Searching for the exact gown that will make you look the way you’ve imagined on your wedding day can be a long, hard, but ultimately exciting, undertaking.

When you finally find the one, you finally feel like a bride.

Apparently most grooms don’t appreciate that effort.

For Cosmopolitan, men were asked to describe their new wives’ wedding dresses three weeks after the wedding.

Let’s just say it doesn’t go very well.

“And then it had this, um, uh, I guess you call it a veil?”

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His wife is obviously unamused.

Sheer panic.

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It was a long time ago!

"It was white."

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He of course is wrong. For the record her dress was ivory.

"Not too low of a cut."

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He's more than a little proud of himself for remembering the neckline.

"Meshy, white thing coming off the back."

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"These little bits of like, um, almost like glass or plastic, something that really reflected light."

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Sequins. The word you're looking for is sequins.

"It was like they poured, like, melted white chocolate on her."

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That's a compliment.

The reminder.

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The brides then put on their wedding dresses to give their husbands a refresher and it's clear that even though they can't remember the details, they remember the happiness they felt on the day.

Check out the video below to see what they got right:

This article originally appeared on Mamamia's US sister site Spring.St.