The photo that proves babies couldn't care less about your precious memories.

Like many parents before them, a couple from the US decided to capture some special memories with their newborn son.

Skin to skin and wrapped in a tight embrace, the family posed for Indiana based photographer Abbie Rogers.

“I typically start every session with parent and sibling poses,” Rogers explained to Mamamia.

The shot was no doubt designed to capture their love, but it captured something else entirely.

And the results are priceless.

newborn photoshoot
(Image: Supplied via Abbie Rogers Photography.)

Though not quite as priceless as the parents faces!

“Parents do get pee’d/poo’d on occasionally,” Rogers explained. “This session, I just so happened to be camera ready still.”

Rogers is highly experienced when it comes to photographing tiny-tots, and as she told us, accidents like this one come with the territory. “At least once… during every newborn session the baby will go number one or number two on me, or the setup we have planned to use during the shoot!” There is usually some kind of warning sign- a wriggle or a squirm- that will indicate that maybe it’s time to pause for a minute.

But not this time. The sneak-attack wee meant that for the first time ever, Rogers managed to capture it on film.

“I’m so glad I did!”

The Motherish team confess their first thoughts on seeing their newborn baby. Post continues after video…


It’s hilarious, sure, but does it signal disaster for the shoot? Apparently not.

“As long as parents are comfortable continuing I typically just finish up that pose and get the shots I need,” Rogers said. “Moving babies just makes us have to start all over, we just dab it up and keep going! …Lots of paper towels are used in the clean up!”

newborn photoshoot
No doubt more what the couple had in mind.. (Image: Supplied via Abbie Rogers Photography.)

Rogers said that as this was baby-boy number three for the couple, so like her, they have had their own share of surprise showers. But they were still caught off guard by this one.

They were still shocked and we had a good laugh after the fact,” Rogers said. “Especially when I showed them the image!”

And what an image it is. We’d say that’s a framer.

All images where supplied by Abbie Rogers Photography. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram.