10 things every mother of a newborn needs.

Josefa Pete with her newborn baby


Hugging a toilet bowl in a fluorescent lit bathroom in a hotel in Los Angles, was where I found out I was first pregnant.

Overwhelmed with excitement and waves of nausea I composed myself enough to let the reality sink in. I was pregnant and in the US – surely this was the perfect opportunity to buy everything I needed for the baby. Sadly, I didn’t quite know what I needed, so we came home with too many plush toys from Disneyland and too many pairs of newborn jeans.

Back home and one look from my mum into my suitcase of purchases was all it took to know that I had to get organised. I had anticipated this little baby coming into our lives for so long, I wanted everything to be just right when he was born.
So here is my newborn baby essentials checklist:

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Big W. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

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1. Car seat.

You can’t leave home without it and can’t leave hospital without it. Never compromise safety and make sure the seat meets current legislation.

2. Pram or stroller.

This is the equivalent of buying your first car. Shop around, test drive and buy the one you love that fits your budget.

3. Nappy bag.

Time to trade in your cute, snakeskin clutch for an oversized, carry-all-the-things nappy bag. I made the conservative decision to buy one in black, just so it was Daddy-friendly as well.

4. Sling or baby carrier.

You may have no idea how to get in or out of one, but it just may save your sanity one day. There were some weeks of teething hell where I could only settle my son by keeping him in his baby carrier all day, even around the house.

5. Baby monitor.

Many new mums may argue that once baby sleeps they also sleep. I didn’t. I rushed around trying to get washing done or quickly eat some lunch. So a baby monitor was essential to stop me from constantly peeking into his room to check if he was ok.

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6. Bed.

Baby needs a place to sleep, whether you use a vintage cot or cute little bassinet always choose a cot that meets safety standards.

7. Nappies.

The cold hard truth is that you will need so many nappies that you can never have enough.

8. Nappy wipes.

Nappy wipes are the one item I still buy today with my babies all grown up. Perfect for cleaning little bums, but they can clean just about anything else too. One pack and you will be a nappy wipe convert.

9. Wraps.

Little bundles of joy tend to like feeling snuggled, even when they are not in your arms. Swaddles, muslin, cotton or wraps with bunny rabbits all over them, the cuter the better.

10. Toiletries.

The aisle for baby products will become your new cosmetics aisle. I still find myself walking down this section now. The choices are endless and the options are many. Whether you buy everything or just the essentials, a barrier cream should be your first investment.

In all honesty all a newborn baby needs is love, clean nappies and lots of milk. Getting organised is essential, but soaking in the moment of newborn baby bliss, the smell of their heads, the soft touch of their squishy feet, nothing can prepare you for that or just how amazing it is all going to feel. Enjoy those early moments for there isn’t anything in life quite like them.

What would you add to the list? For the new mums out there, what can you not live without?

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