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Yet again, New Zealand just beat us unequivocally at Christmas.

We’ve lost this one, folks.

In the never-ending battle between Australia and New Zealand, we – a nation of Christmas lunch barbecues and sloppy end-of-year office parties – have lost to New Zealand in the Festive Season Stakes.

Those rivals across the ditch have participated in their annual nationwide Secret Santa gift exchange and we can’t beat it.

Yep, people from across the two islands have sent and received gifts (valued at around $10 each) to and from utter strangers. This year, 3623 people participated, including newly elected Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The initiative has been running for seven years, and is possible through New Zealand Post. People register through Twitter, and are given a link to their recipients’ Twitter account to peruse in order to find a suitable gift.

“Thank you, to whoever sent this to me, I really appreciate it,” Prime Minister Ardern opened her Secret Santa Christmas gift live on Twitter.

At first thinking it was a glitter bomb, she was wary. Then, realising it was a Christmas tree decoration, she declared: “It’s beautiful, it will be the first decoration on my tree!”

As thousands of New Zealand residents open their Secret Santa presents today, they are sharing images with the hashtag #NZSecretSanta. The Internet is, quite literally, flooding with joy.


There are the thoughtful gifts…

The excessive.

The silly.


And the outright hilarious.

Meanwhile, in Australia…

New Zealand, we’ll give you this one. You’ve earned it.

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