The New York Times takes on President Trump at the Oscars.

Even the Oscars isn’t safe from US President Donald Trump’s war with the media, with The New York Times taking the opportunity to run a TV advertisement during the award’s show, taking on Trump’s claims over the meaning of “truth” and “fake news”.

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The ad has been described by The Blaze as aiming for maximum impact, beginning with the statement:

The truth is our nation is more divided than ever.

Then a handful of inflammatory statements used by Trump and his supporters flash across the screen and then move to statements about truth by Trump critics:

The truth is the media is dishonest.

The truth is we have to protect our borders.

The truth is climate change is a hoax.

The truth is Obamacare isn’t affordable.

The truth is all lives matter.

The truth is women’s rights are human rights.

The truth is his refugee policy is a backdoor Muslim ban.

The truth is we need a full investigation of Russian ties.

The truth is this country was built on immigrants.

The truth is we need new restrictions on gun control.

The truth is hard to find. The truth is hard to know. The truth is more important now more than ever.

The Oscars crowd is certainly the perfect audience, and the timing is razor sharp with President Trump announcing he will not be attending the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner and Press Secretary Sean Spicer banning CNN, BBC, LA Times and New York Times from Friday’s media briefing.

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The New York Times branding executive David Rubin told The Blaze the advertisement is meant to tap into the “current public conversation” taking place between Trump’s team and those of us who are concerned at his attempts to blur the lines between truth and untruth.

“We think it’s a great metaphor for how hard it is on a regular basis to understand the truth. That leads into the role that we think journalism can play in helping you cut through that clutter and make your own sense of what’s going on in the world,” he said.


President Trump hasn’t responded well to the ad, posting the following Tweet:

And then shortly after, throwing more fuel onto the “fake news” fire, showing no signs of backing down from his controversial claims:

Conversations about “truth” and “fake news” are more important now than ever before, and The New York Times’ ad is sure to be one of many shots across the bow that is Trump’s Presidency.