The biggest trend from New York Fashion Week wasn't found on the runway.

Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kelly Osbourne is a victim.

It’s one of the biggest FASHION events of the year and usually sets the tone for all the trends of the upcoming season. But at New York Fashion Week this year, there’s one trend that we weren’t expecting to see.


new york fashion week 2015
Kelly Osbourne, squished into a tiny space, sandwiched by manspreaders. Image via Getty.

Manspreading, the act of a man spreading his legs so far apart that they infringe on other people’s seat space (because his giant balls just need so much room to breathe), is rife within our community. On trains, buses, in the office, at cinemas. Everywhere there are seats and men, you will encounter manspreading.

And this year, it has made its debut at New York Fashion Week (henceforth known as NYFW).

From Kanye West to Tyga and singer Miguel, guys are spreading their legs while their female companions are squished up on one quarter of a very exclusive front row seat.

new york fashion week 2015
Natasha Lyonne, Miguel, Tinashe. Manspreading from all angles. Image via Getty.

Even Kylie Jenner wasn’t immune to some scrunching.

Kylie and Tyga. We’re sure she’s saying ‘your balls aren’t that big, mate. Stop spreading’.

But aside from manspreading, NYFW  has brought out the best this year. We’ve seen some incredible outfits, there’s been more celebrity spotting than an awards show and an influx of Aussie models and designers turning up on the runway.

From Madeleine Stewart, an 18-year-old Australian model with Down syndrome who made her runway debut on the weekend, to Australian designer/queen of headwear Viktoria Novak, whose designs have been dominating the runway throughout the festival, it’s a great time for Aussies in fashion.

Then we’ve got the celebrities. It’s a who’s who of singers, actresses, models and their various hangers-on. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been a constant fixture in front rows, while mini Kim, Kylie Jenner, has allowed her boyfriend Tyga to sit next to her and show off his grill while she pouts.

Click through the gallery below for some of the best parts of New York Fashion Week so far.

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