Oh, there's a 'correct' way to draw an 'X' and it has completely divided the internet.

Your multiplication tables, a game of noughts and crosses and the popular prefix ‘ex’, all instances in which you would find yourself using the letter ‘x’.

But the way you write said ‘x’ is currently dividing the internet.

Twitter user/no-good troublemaker @Smasey shared a graphic asking people to come forward and identify which ‘stroke’ order they use to draw an ‘x’ and many options were presented.

People then tweeted their answers, and it was clear there were very strong opinions about the correct method. Some argued a geographic correlation, with @Smasey noting that Americans most often picked 7 and 8, while UK respondents chose 5 and 6. Others said it came down to whether the person was left or right-handed.

Either way, harsh opinions were exchanged, with the sort of vitriol only an online argument can bring.

Here’s what they had to say:




Some people also tried to come up with their non-linear options and no. Just no.



However a quick survey of the Mamamia office, out of 22 people respondents, found…

  • Option 7 proved to be the most popular choice, with 13 points.
  • Options 8 trailed much further behind with 5 points, followed by option 6 with 3 points.
  • Out of the other remaining options we had just one person pick 5 and that person has now been shunned from the premises.

How do you draw ‘x’? Tell us in a comment below and prepare to be judged.

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