I’ve only been dating my boyfriend for a month. Now we’re self-isolating together.

If you told me six months ago, that in 2020, I’d be voluntarily bunkering down with my new partner for an indefinite amount of time, I would have laughed.

In what world is it socially acceptable to make life-altering decisions based on whether or not your one-month long relationship will survive?

One in which there’s a pandemic I guess.

Side note: Here’s what the different horoscopes are like in Isolation. Post continues below. 

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For context, my boyfriend, Hayden, and I hit it off at a party back at the beginning of February, when Coronavirus was all but a faraway thought.

He was a friend of a friend, which meant our relationship grew quite comfortably through group hangouts rather than awkward first dates, and I think that’s an important establishment to be made.

What I’m trying to say is, we became close fairly fast.


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Oh the good old days when going out was legal????

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We spent alternating nights in each other’s family homes for a while, before the news became more concerning and we were faced with a difficult decision.

It was going to go one of two ways.

We didn’t move in with each other, meaning we would not get to see each other for who knows how long (at such an early point in our relationship – possibly detrimental), or we could spend all our time together.

We seemed to be heading in the right direction. I got a test run of what he’s like to live with after a few sleepovers, and we’re both fairly easygoing. Plus, I was feeling lucky.

So, we decided on the latter.

The next choice was on where we would be staying, which was an easy decision.

His home had more space and fuller cupboards.

His mum, who I had met about as many times as I could count on one hand, seemed happy enough for me to stay with them, and so, it was moving time.

It’s been about three weeks now.

Now, I hear you wondering, how is it going? Do you hate him yet?

Well, here are all the things I’ve learnt about living with my very new partner.

First impressions of family shouldn’t be made while living with them.

Although everyone is a little preoccupied adjusting to their new lives to really care about whether or not I’m wearing my pyjamas at midday, there is a certain level of discomfort that comes with living in someone else’s home. Particularly when they’re someone you’re trying to impress.

I have done my best to be as unimposing as possible, while also offering help.

I’ve tried to let them have family time, without looking like I’m disinterested or antisocial.

Sometimes Hayden will wake up and head out to the kitchen where his family are eating breakfast before I’ve got dressed, and you could not imagine the doubt running through my mind.


Do I follow? Should I wait till he comes back? What if they’re talking about how they are uncomfortable with me staying here?

It’s a fine line to walk, but it seems like I’ve joined a pretty low-pressure family who aren’t thinking much about what I’m up to.

Carving out alone time is VERY important.

After spending a consecutive 72 hours in the same room as Hayden (okay, possibly an exaggeration but bear with me), I realised that even the most extroverted of extroverts, need some time to themselves.

This is when I constructed my in-depth, five-step skincare/debrief routine to start and end my day, which gives me a solid 30 minutes on my own to catch up on my favourite podcasts and bliss out.

I personally recommend Mamamia Out Loud for this routine but any Mamamia podcast will do. Post continues below.

Taking the time to myself to have a shower, brush my teeth and whack on a ridiculous amount of face products while listening to the friends in my ears, just feels so luxurious.

I also wake up about an hour before Hayden so I can get the chance to journal and read my book without any distractions. This is a big help too!

One month into a relationship isn’t necessarily a bad time to move in with someone.

Maybe my safety in this whole global pandemic thing has got me feeling unusually positive, but so far, the majority of my stay has been a happy bonding experience.

Moving in with someone is a sure way to see if your relationship is make or break, so why wait around until there are too many feelings involved? Jump on in at the one-month mark for a stress test!

In all seriousness, I can’t say whether this is something I would have done in the past, or ever do again, but I’m pretty stoked to have found a great guy to endure a pandemic with.

If we don’t last the distance life will go on and — after social-distancing rules having lifted, of course — I’ll be right back out in the real world, ready to meet men the good old-fashioned way: beyond my four walls.

But if we do, could you imagine the lockdown-made romance story I’d get to tell the kids?!

I’ll be keeping it in mind when the going gets rough.

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