"My pregnancy hormones turned me into a drama queen."

I’ve always been a little dramatic.

“I die,” and things, “literally [email protected]#ing kill me,” on a daily basis but now that I’m pregnant, “I totally cannot deal with life,” too; and I blame my new pregnancy hormones.

Because ever since they entered my body they’ve turned me into a drama queen.

I've become a bit of a drama queen.

A drama queen that, “can’t even” because, “you have no idea what growing a human is really like!”

Needless to say I never really imagined pregnancy would be like this.

In fact, “I’m still shocked to death,” on a daily basis about how sh!t I feel and how, “I’m literally about to die…doesn’t anyone get it?!”

Which is why I thought it would be handy to warn other ladies about the drama that could potentially enter their lives (and the lives of people who they come into contact with) once they start growing a mini human.

Because really, it’s like one minute you’re glowing, and totally on top of the whole baby-making thing. Then (like magic) the next minute you want to karate chop your barista in his face because, “you are on month 7 of 9 caffeine free months and if he doesn’t make your chai quick you will stab a fork in your eye! Doesn’t he understand?!”

Seriously, hurry up with that thing.

Anyway, I think the majority of my drama queen status has stemmed from my pre-pregnancy life where I gymmed it every week, worked 14 hour days and was pretty much a, ‘I can do it all’ energiser bunny that felt healthy AF.

(Also goals that are very unachievable to sustain when making a baby. Hence why dealing with a change in lifestyle, both physically and mentally has been a little tough.)

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I wish a lady pal would have spoken the honest truth about how hard pregnancy and growing a human could generally be. Because even though it’s nice that people say “you’re glowing,” and “you look so beautiful, right now,” (as you obviously turn into a mini beach ball), there is a darker more hormonal side to pregnancy too.

A side that will make you question why you’re crying at Kleenex ads, or how you managed to convince your boss that, “your skin is so oily, you need to take a sick day, or you will die.”

Needless to say pregnancy is quite the journey. But at times it really can be beautiful (like when you think about it ending).

The thought of this being over sounds delightful.

And even though I know I’ll forever be grateful for the blessing that has been bestowed upon me, I now know that next time I’ll be sure to pack some tissues.

I might also download some Adele CDs and warn anybody that could potentially come into contact with me that “I literally could burst into tears, or stab you at any second.”

Because even though I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, ”Pregnancy is such a super emotional time for me. I miss sushi and feta cheese SO MUCH, so please give me some time to deal with these new emotions.”

Did you become slightly more dramatic while pregnant?