Listen to this never-heard music from the Spice Girls before it gets taken down.

Oh happy day. It’s like Chrstmas, Valentines and our birthday in one giant, Union-Jack-wrapped present.

The Spice Girls are back.

In news that will absolutely make your Thursday, your week and very possibly your whole year so far, the Spice Girls are back.

Well, sort of. New music from the 90s band of our dreams has surfaced.

Four unreleased tracks have been… well, released. FOUR.

This is greater than the time they all reunited for the Olympics in 2012.

The Spice Girls, spicing up your life in their prime.

Apparently, the four songs were set to go on their final album, Forever, but they didn’t make the cut in the end. Thankfully, someone has dug them out of the vault and posted them on the Internet. Thank you, obvious criminal. We applaud your efforts.

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Click through the gallery below for all the Spice Girls… girls… in their prime. Post continues after gallery.


A Day in Your Life is a beautiful, slow ballad that reminds us to keep on keeping on. If It’s Loving on your Mind is faster, more catchy and maybe even slightly better than their classic hits. Pain Proof sounds like something out of Coyote Ugly. And Right Back At Ya is a pop version of a song that actually did make it onto the original album, but this one is prime 90s, so obviously much better.

Listen to them below before they get removed and put back in the vault forever more.