New Moon trailer and behind-the-scenes footage

I still haven’t read the book. I know, I know. I had a business meeting yesterday with a woman who was clutching New Moon and was clearly itching for our meeting to finish so she could hoover up the last few pages. I know this because she told me exactly that.

When I was at The Today Show on Wednesday in the make-up room having spak-filler applied to my face in vast quantities, the whole room stopped when Richard Wilkins showed part of this clip on the show. I had to wait until it was finished to ask about the Very Buff Hairless Guys. Apparently they are werewolves – ones who wax when in human form it would seem.

Every time I write about Twilight and admit that I haven’t read the book yet (it’s a time factor nothing else), I get accused of being a Twilight Basher. THAT’S how serious these fans are. Are you one of them? How many times have you read the books? Come on, I want to know….

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