The topless "selfie" trend that's making us stand up and cheer.

Are these the best “topless” portraits you’ve ever seen?

Dannette Sharpley had a tough time nursing her first child. Her milk came in late and her son had jaundice, among other things. So when daughter, Maria Lillian, was born in August, and Sharpley’s milk came in soon after, she was relieved and excited.

“I felt like I’d accomplished something spectacular,” Dannette says, describing how after nursing, the baby passed out, milk drunk, clutching her nipple. Dannette celebrated the moment with a selfie — a breast-feeding selfie, that is. It showed her sleeping baby holding onto her breast.

“My mum was like, ‘Don’t put it on Facebook,’” says Dannette, 40, a stay-at-home mom in North Carolina in the US. “And I said, ‘Of course I’m gonna put it on Facebook.’"

“I thought it was beautiful,” she says. “People had really kind things to say. I loved being able to share that moment with friends of mine who are also nursing.”

Dannette's "controversial" photo is just part of a recent movement where breastfeeding mums are proudly sharing their incredible photos to help try and normalise both public breastfeeding and pictures of breastfeeding.

Some are true "selfies" and some are part of a trend to have a beautiful breast-feeding portrait captured of you feeding, and then uploading it to social media.

Both Facebook and Instagram are notorious for banning the accounts of mums who post breastfeeding photos which are incredibly beautiful and not sexual in any way.

Here are some incredible photos of breastfeeding placed on social media by ordinary mums and one supermodel.

What do you think of rules surrounding breastfeeding photos on social media?

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