Important hair news: Jesinta Franklin just showcased a new cut AND colour.

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING because Jesinta Franklin not only has a new hair cut but also a new hair colour.

It’s different and new and we can feel ourselves heading down that well-trodden path that tells us we too could pull off a front fringe (Amy, please, you tried this in Year 6 but you have cowlicks – it was never going to work out).

But this is Jesinta Franklin’s #hairjourney, and what a journey it is.

Giving her very keen followers a sneak peek via her Instagram story, the 25-year-old model and former Miss Universe Australia decided to change things up for her ambassador appearance at the official opening of the Food Hall in Bondi Junction’s David Jones.

Leaving her trademark brunette-ness behind, Franklin opted instead for an on-trend and very fashun blonde choppy style with a long front fringe.

It suits her. It’s amazing. It’s great.

Image: Instagram.

Somehow, she manages to make what must have been endless hours in a hairdresser's chair look like the result of waking up with perfect bed hair.

So effortless. So chilled.

Of course, Franklin isn't the only celebrity to showcase a recent hair transformation.

Cara Delevingne manages to make a pixie cut look like a spur of the moment decision.


While Kate Middleton cut inches off her hair before Wimbledon WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A PRESS STATEMENT.

Kate's new look at Wimbledon. Image via Getty.

These 'new hair, new meh' looks are so tempting, but to be honest, something tells me these women would pull off absolutely anything. I, on the other hand, need to remember that cowlicks and a fringe don't mix. EVER.

Have you ever made a dramatic hair transformation? How did it make you feel?