Six things you need to know about the new iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 has been revealed.

It’s shiny and beautiful. More insta-friendly than ever (i.e. has a very, very good camera). And doesn’t have a headphone jack (it comes with wireless “Airbuds” and a lot of people are very unhappy… but more on that later).

What are the best things about the iPhone 7?

(Cue spooky scifi iPhone-hatching music).

It has a kick-ass camera.

We are talking serious selfies.

It’s a new 12 megapixel camera system. Think, wider aperture; optical lens stabilisation (for all those gin & tonics adventure action shots); and a sensor that is 60% faster than the iPhone 6 camera.

“It’s the best camera, ever, in an iPhone,” Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Apple told the crowd at the official launch in San Francisco last night.

But he hadn’t yet got to the iPhone 7 Plus, which has “the best camera ever in an iPhone”… multiplied by two.

The iPhone 7 Plus has two 12 megapixel cameras in the one phone. One is a wide-angle lens. The other is a “telephoto”, or a narrower lens with a magnified view. They are two cameras “that shoot as one” for enhanced resolution and zooming power.

Watch out Instagram.

The colour options have been updated… slightly.

The iPhone 7 comes in your standard iPhone colours; rose gold, gold and silver. But they’ve added two new finishes: Black and Jet Black.

Yes, apparently, there is a difference. It’s got to do with matte or gloss. The jet black one is “deep, high gloss” (I’m picturing a Batman-like device) and is in particular high demand.

According to Apple, the Jet Black option is so black and so shiny “you can’t tell where the aluminium ends and the glass begins.” (They then reference the Star Wars, “the Dark Side indeed” which clearly trumps my Batman reference.)

Jessie went a week without her phone. Post continues below video. 

Music sounds better (maybe just louder).

Game changer number one. The iPhone 7 has got a stereo system (so you no longer have to stand your iPhone in a glass cup and pretend like it’s making a difference).

It’s twice as loud as the iPhone 6 speakers.

And the phone comes with earphones that connect through the lightening, or charging, socket. As well as “Airpods”, which are the controversial wireless earbuds.


A lot of people are very unhappy about the headphone situation. And the hashtag #bringbackthejack is all of a sudden trending (people power for a worthy cause).

However, as Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said before unveiling the new model; “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system deserves the most advanced smart phone.”

(To be real, these sound like they’d be very easy to lose, but also very also easy to sneak into lecture theatres where you could secretly listen to Ricky Gervais and still look like you’re listening to the person at the podium. All about that balance.)

The usual updates are included.

The iPhone 7 comes with the regular updates.

There is double the battery power. It has improved world-wide roaming. And it has the “brightest, most colourful” screen display yet.

It’s water resistant.

Yes, this… This is game changer number two. And THE biggest game changer from Apple yet (big call. But I’m prepared to stand by it.)

Initially, the iPhone 7 seemed like a relatively standard release. Until I found out you could dunk the iPhone 7 in a glass of water and it would not give you the ‘screen of death’. That you could spill water on your office desk (which I manage to do all. the. time) and not have to race to save the iPhones first.

You can’t quite go scuba diving with it, but the iPhone 7 is the first ever water-resistant phone. Its innards, as well as its casing, have been redesigned to reject spills and splashes. This is great news for those who are clumsy.. as well as those who spend a lot of time leaning against a soggy bar.

Thank you, Apple.

It works better in your right hand.

Okay, this is not officially part of the Apple release. But we thought it was valuable information for getting the most out of your new iPhone (because clearly you’re going to get one. I said water resistant people, what more do you need?)

A report by the Nordic Council of Ministers looked into the way iPhones receive and transmit radio signals. They found iPhones – particularly the iPhone 6 – has better reception when held with the right hand to the right ear. This is likely because there is less obstruction to the phone’s internal antenna.

It also might be because right-handed people just do things better. (Kidding…. All polar bears are left handed, lefties can’t be that bad).